#UNRIG LOG (10 AUG 2017)


Driving all day — so much from the west end of Tennessee that I have stopped after six hours.  A shout out to Two Rivers Landing RV Resort, for $56 ($10 more than the norm) I am gratefully watching the river flow by as I type. Sevierville, TN turns out to be loaded with stuff to do from nature to shows.

Trying to breathe as I pound across the country. Here is today’s meal — Arby’s is doing well by me — and a deserted stream by a rest stop that caught my eye.

Tomorrow we start the #UNRIG barrage of press releases, radio shows, media call-ins, and more. We may not get every Member, but by the time Cynthia and I do our National Press Club appearance in early September, I absolutely guarantee every single Member of Congress is going to understand that #UNRIG is on the table and their constituents know about it.