ANSWERS for Javad Heiran-Nia on Kurdistan

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert Steele, with Javad Heirannia, “Turkey to react to Kurdish referendum with violence – ex-CIA officer,Tehran Times, September 19, 2017, p. 7.

1. The Kurdish Referendum is to be held on September 25 despite the opposition of Kurdish movements such as the Gorran Movement. How will this referendum influence Kurdish movements within the region?

The Kurdish Referendum is long over due and must be respected. Kurdistan is a cultural, ethnic, and economic reality even if  the political powers controlled by the Deep State (Rothschilds, Vatican, City of London, Wall Street and their government puppets) do not wish it so.  I anticipate the practical foundation of Kurdistan within five years — if the surrounding powers do not collaborate I anticipate all of them falling into a state of civil war; Turkey will not survive in its present state.

2. Concerning the objection of Baghdad and the Prime Minister himself to this referendum which described the referendum as “playing with fire”, is there a possibility of military conflict between Baghdad and Arbil following the independence referendum?

Fire is the foundation of civilization. Fire is what you get when reality meets corruption. What Iraq and Syria should be doing is helping to form the provisional state of Kurdistan, in a practical alliance with Iran, while urging Turkey to create a provisional autonomous Kurdish region from which all Turkish police and military are withdrawn. Some sort of financial settlement could be made with Armenia, they can only benefit from a prosperous autonomous Kurdistan. The Middle East is in the mess it is in because the British and French betrayed the Arabs, the US is their out-of-control proxy, and Israel continues to be the most toxic power in the region seeking to destabilize everyone else for their own benefit.  The Kurds are an educated discplined people who have maintained their coherence as a group, and earned the right to be free.

3. The US and UK have objected to the referendum. Are these two countries against the separation of Kurdish Regional Government from Iraq or do they think that the timing isn’t quite appropriate? What exactly is their objection based on?

The US and UK Governments are totally subservient to the Deep State. Conflict in the Middle East is about profit for the 1% rather than peace and prosperity for the 99%. It is in the best interests of the larger public that peace be achieved in the Middle East, starting with the exclusion of the Western powers, and a massive global movement to boycott the US and UK for so long as their provide financial subsidies and covert operations support to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

4. How will Turkey react to the KRG referendum? Will it lead to a clash between Ankara and KRG?

Turkey will probably react as it always has, with violence.  As with the US Government leadership, the Turkish leadership does not yet understand that populist movements are now on the rise and will inevitably win. We are looking at the equivalent of the French Revolution in both the Middle East and in the USA where each day brings us closer to a collapse of the two-party tyranny that is the enabler of the Deep State in the USA. On balance, I believe the Kurds will out-smart and out-fight the Turks — it would be much cheaper and safer for Turkey to align with Armenia, Iran, Syria, and Iraq to create a Kurdish Federation with a ten year transition plan toward complete Kurdish independence.

5. Reportedly, the US and other western countries have proposed an alternative plan to Barzani based on which Kirkuk is handed to KRG and in return the referendum is delayed. How do you evaluate this proposal?

I cannot over-state the duplicity and stupidity of US foreign policy.  The US Department of State is owned and operated by Israel — by the Zionists. It does not represent the best interests of the US public nor does it respect the legitimate needs of any foreign public.

6. Considering the fact that conflicting regions like Kirkuk will take part in the referendum, how will non-Kurdish movements and residents like Turkmens take this referendum, will they accept its results?

A major factor affecting how others interpret the Kurdish movement toward autonomy and then independence is the corruption of the media including the national broadcasting capabilities of the various affected countries. Propaganda and lies are the currency of the mainstream media, and the social media is controlled and manipulated with the help of #GoogleGestapo. Hence the various publics do not understand that most of the turmoil in their countries is caused by Western provocateurs in favor of Western banks. We have war in the Middle East for two reasons: because the Deep State profits from oil scarcity and illegal immigraiton (which also provides body parts, bone barrow, and small children to be sold to elite pedophiles), and because Israel thrives on war that helps destabilize and “Balkanize” the Middle East. The greatest threat to the Middle East right now is not the Kurds, but Israel, and Israel's plan to have Jared Kushner give the Saudis nuclear weapons so they can wage a “limited” nuclear war on Iran.  This is of course insane.

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I invite your readers to consider my latest publication, Healing the Self & Healing the World: The Open Source Way, Defence and Intelligence Norway, 13 September 2017. I have long been the proponent for information peacekeeping and peacekeeping intelligence. I anticipate a post-Google Internet with a cyber tri-fecta: an international cyber-currency fully integrated with an international cyber-engagement network (voting and forums at all levels) combined with an international cyber-intelligence platform (the truth, no censorship or manipulation) useful at all levels of self-governance from the village level to the global level. Such a network will both expose and prevent corruption and waste and gradually put 70% of all banks, corporations, and governments out of business. The Open Source Way is  the way to peace and prosperity for all. Kurdistan is as good a place as any to draw the line against the Deep State. I personally favor both Kurdistan, and a restored Palestine with a line from Gaza to Jericho, and Jerusalem as an international city (at the same time that the Vatican loses its diplomatic status and becomes nothing more than an international city).

New Short Bio:

Robert David Steele is a former spy recently recommended and possibly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The father of the open source intelligence movement, his two most recent books, Intelligence for Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, and Sustainability; and The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, & Trust, outline how the 99% can take back the power and create a prosperous world at peace, lifting the five billion poor to a Western quality of life at 10% of the cost of the Western paradigm, with none of the waste. He is the founder of the international #UNRIG movement that seeks to eliminate political parties and restore the primacy of the public as the arbiter of political, economic, and social decision-making. Learn more about him and read all his works free online at

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