Robert Steele: Game of Thorns – Donald Trump, Congress, and the Deep State – Alt Left and Alt Right Unite to Save America

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GAME OF THORNS: Donald Trump, Congress, and the Deep State
Alt Left and Alt Right Unite to Save America

Press Call with Robert David Steele & Cynthia Ann McKinney – Preview the Launch of #UNRIG Nationwide Bus Tour –  End Collusion Between Government and the Media, Smash Corruption, Support Election Reform

WASHINGTON DCFormer CIA clandestine case officer, and recent Nobel Peace Prize nominee  Robert David Steele along with Dr. Cynthia McKinney, the former six-term congresswoman from Georgia, will preview the launch of the #UNRIG nationwide bus tour during a telephone news press call this Tuesday.  Its purpose is to restore truth and integrity to governance and to build grassroots support for the Election Reform Act of 2017.

“The Alt Left and the Alt Right in this country are united in the belief that the system at every level of government is rigged, and we plan to #UNRIG it by demanding that their respective Members of Congress co-sponsor and vote for the Election Reform Act of 2017,” said Steele.

1:00 PM EST.

Call-in # for Media: (866)342‑8591, ID – “UNRIGGED”

The first leg of the bus tour begins September 3 and will break on September 12. The tour will visit multiple states including Washington DC, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They will travel in a wrapped educational motorhome and will hold press events, rallies and lectures to mobilize grassroots supporters at each stop.  A Google map outlining locations and tour details can be found here.

“It’s as if Americans are living in some surreal episode of Game of Thrones except in reality its Game of Thorns – where the collusion between government deception and many in the media is so obvious, both parties are so corrupt, that the people are fed up with it,” said Steele.  “The Deep State’s influence over our country’s once-trusted institutions – from academia to the military, has resulted in a fundamental lack of confidence… #UNRIG is not just about restoring integrity to government, but to all institutions, by focusing on “People Not Parties” and seeking to advance authentic, inclusive, and truthful civic engagement.”


“My vision for #UNRIG is for all of us–from every walk of life–to come together for one common purpose:  to unrig ourselves by getting to know each other and to unrig our political system by becoming transpartisan,” said Dr. McKinney.  “The imperative today is standing for right versus wrong; not Democrat versus Republican.”

“People, not parties, should be telling Members of Congress what to do,” Steele concludes.

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