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As a professional intelligence officer, I approach all challenges from an information-centric perspective. My approach to healing the self and healing the world is rooted in what I know about the corruption – the lack of integrity – across all information domains. We lack both intelligence and integrity today – it is not possible to produce authentic, truthful intelligence if you lack integrity.

Corruption, fake news, false flag events, lies, and misinformation impoverish the 99% while benefiting the 1% that owns and operates the Deep State as a means of control and legalized looting of the commonwealth. Predatory capitalism, virtual colonialism, and unilateral militarism including elective wars, regime change operations, false flag operations, torture & rendition, and drone assassinations all rest on weapons of mass instruction and mass deception.

Individuals are poisoned both mentally and physically – the food & drug complex is a deliberately contrived means of profiting by first poisoning people – to include the multiplication of cancers as well as obesity as a planned population policy; and the sterilization of women as well as the imposition of autism on young children – creating an endless cycle of profit for the 1% from poison and dangerous or ineffective medicines sold to the 99%.

At the same time, for lack of holistic analytics and true cost economics, every Western industry from agriculture to energy to health to security to water management is easily documented as 50% waste compounded by the introduction of chlorine, nano-plastic, and other toxins to the environment. Furthermore, it can be posited that the Western economic and engineering paradigm is 90% profit for the few at the expense of the many – Dr. Marcin Jakubowski has demonstrated that The Open Source Way allows for the creation of all key Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) elements at 10% the cost of the prevailing Western paradigm that legalizes various forms of technical, legal, and financial crime.

Corruption – the corruption of information, the corruption of morality, the corruption of process – is the fatal cancer that could lead to what some call “the sixth extinction.”

There are three “cures” – all “alternative” or “natural” in character – that can heal the self and heal the world within the decade:
1.Holistic Analytics
2.True Cost Economics
3.Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)

Every public that desires to be free from want, free from tyranny, must get a grip on their information environment and demand that the craft of intelligence be practiced with integrity. There are two implementation aspects: first, the public must demand election reform, and second the public must demand that the economy, the government, and society be based on open source everything engineering. #UNRIG – a grassroots campaign – is the manifestation of a new populist demand for unity and integrity – the integrity of information, the integrity of self and society, the integrity of process that is authentic, inclusive, and truthful. Its goals include the termination of private banking in favor of public banking. An Open Source Agency in each country, combined with the #UNRIG application on inexpensive cellular devices and a free global Internet that cannot be censored or controlled, are the intermediate means by which we create a World Brain able to create peace and prosperity for all.

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