#UNRIG Log: First Tour Completed, Lessons Learned, Plans


The fires in Oregon (and Washington, and Montana) led our primary donor in Oregon to turn us away, and rightly so.  Calls to fire departments confirmed an ash cloud over Portland, the main route closed for 100 miles around, and traffic grid-lock, they all said we should cancel our plans to come north.  So we did. Instead we came back via the same route, did two more meetings, and the RV is now in storage. Three big things came out of this first pilot tour:

01 The damage done to us by the MeetUp cancellation of our paid ($77,300) Pro network of 435 MeetUps has been substantial. We drove too many miles for too few meetings. We are resolved to build our own replacement for MeetUp (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and stopped to meet John McAfee.. We will spend the next three months building our base toward a six month tour from January – July 2018 that puts Cynthia’s “powercell” vision into action everywhere. We are also designing this from scratch to be international from day one.

02 We cannot rely on social media fund-raising that is  too easily destroyed by crowd-stalkers or censored by #GoogleGestapo. Now that Cynthia is fully engaged we are going face to face with donors capable of giving $250K to $2M a year to our accredited non-profit educational endeavor — and coordinating closely with the IRS via our Certified Public Accountant. The value of the integrity of our campaign, our organization, and our leading personalities cannot be over-stated.

03 Cynthia and Robert did a Vulcan mind-meld with many hours of conversation. We are now pivoting from Robert’s original focus and leadership on an Election Reform Act conversation in the very near term hopeful for Presidential leadership, toward Cynthia’s focus on creating powercells in all 435 Congressional Districts to bring together diverse groups of no fewer than 12 who are capable of appreciative inquiry together, and capable of orchestrated action at the Member level, toward demanding that their respective Members co-sponsor and vote for an Election Reform Act in time to create an honest Congress in the 2018 elections. Put most simply: Cynthia is now Project Manager for #UNRIG while Robert pivots to work with others to create our cyber-base in support of Cynthia.

Updates will continue to appear here: #UNRIG @ Phi Beta Iota — subscription is free with a goal of three posts a day.

We sell nothing — see the UNSTORE page for ideas, we encourage everyone who cares about #UNRIG the system to buy a polo shirt in the color of their choice, and encourage others to do so as well.  Here is the direct link to the kind person selling these at cost: http://customshirtman.com/unrig/

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