#UNRIG: Open Letter to Donors & Prospective Activists


SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/unrig-open

Dear ​#UNRIG Supporter:

We (Robert and Cynthia) have completed our first tour on the first RV, cut short by the fires in Oregon​.  It was a huge learning experience that confirmed we are on the right path.

We come out of the experience understanding that we need to spend more time building our network, doing interviews, and raising funds before getting on the road again in January 2018. We have the active encouragement of our two major donors (respectively $40K and $20K) to divest the first RV and roll that money over toward a used but larger RV with air springs, sound-proofing, and improved bunk and tabletop configuration for being able to do sustained road work.

​As you are an early donor (roughly 1,200 of you) who understands the importance of #UNRIG, we are writing to ask ​if you are willing to serve as a PowerCell leader or member and identify yourself by Congressional District (e.g. AK-01 to VT-03).  Our goal is to have at least one person from each District.  If you wish to be part of a PowerCell, we are seeking your STATE, DISTRICT NUMBER, LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, please send an email to Cynthia's assistant only (akonkshaan@gmail.com); he will enter the data into our private spreadsheet and Cynthia will then begin corresponding with each state’s activists one state at a time. Cynthia will develop a​ ​Power​C​ell training course that can be offered as a webinar and for viewing on demand.​  ​Cynthia is taking the lead on direct fund-raising from high-dollar donors that have lost faith in the two-party system.

Robert is working to develop what we are calling our cyber-trifecta — an integrated combination of cyber-currency, cyber-engagement​,​ and cyber-intelligence.  Th​is​ cyber system is intended to assure anonymity, identity, privacy, and security​ – we were very encouraged by our six hour meeting with John McAfee, and share his views on the need for new Internet that is neither censored nor manipulated. This new network will be designed to be international — open for use in any country — from day one – and hand-held compatible. While we are in the very early stages of design, this shows great promise.

We both thank all of you for your investment in #UNRIG; we are committed to going the distance with this. Please do consider an additional donation ​and​ encouraging others to donate via http://bigbatusa.org/donate or http://tinyurl.com/IndieGoGo-UNRIG — either is a tax-deductible contribution to the educational non-profit and all new donors will receive a Founding Citizen certificate. We will continue to post our expenses at https://www.unrig.net/budget-report/.  Follow #UNRIG at http://phibetaiota.net/?s=%23UNRIG, or subscribe to http://phibetaiota.net for 3-4 daily posts.

#UNRIG polo shirts in both men’s and women’s sized continue to be offered by a volunteer (we sell nothing), consider picking a powercell color and encouraging each member to buy a #UNRIG polo shirt: http://customshirtman.com/unrig/.

The contact email you can easily remember to give others who want to join #UNRIG as activists (no donation is necessary) is contact@unrig.net. Each new join should provide their name, state, district number, and hometown.

Our latest interviews are most easily viewed via http://tinyurl.com/IndieGoGo-UNRIG. Robert's technical vision has just been published by Defence and Intelligence Norway as “Healing the Self & Healing the World: The Open Source Way.”

#UNRIG is marching forward, with your help.   Thank you.

With appreciation,
Robert & Cynthia

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