Amazon Kindle War for the 1% or Peace for the 99%?: Are the Deep State & Zionism Done For? (Trump Revolution Book 15)

America (Founders, Current Situation), Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class
Amazon Kindle

This is a collection of very recent articles about war and peace rooted in the battle between Donald Trump and the Deep State, as published in the American Herald Tribune. 43 pages in length it offers four articles by the author and two interviews of the author with seven pages of endnotes, each endnote linked to a source.

The good news up front: our legitimately-elected President Donald Trump appears to have formed a strategic understanding with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and General Secretary Xi Jinping to the point that a summit with North Korea will take that potential war off the table, at the same time that there will be a radical shift in the Middle East that puts Israel back in its box, stops subsidizing the Saudis, and pays due respect to Turkey and Iran (respectively, the inheritors of the Ottoman and Persian Empires). We are looking at a Global Re-Set.

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