Robert Steele: Snap-Shot of the Zionist Attack Machine — Six Ways, 90 Days

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Ever since Cynthia McKinney and I posted the bumper stick below the fold, we have been under attack. I list the six ways in which we have been attacked — the latest being Kasperky labeling us an “XXX” site, most probably because Kaspersky, like YouTube, is too lazy to vet false reports, especially when they come in twelve at a time.

I am about to write an article on the Zionist attack machine for the American Herald Tribune. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will be front and center in this article.

1. MeetUp CEO cancelled 435 Pro MeetUps giving up $77,300 in revenue while waiving $195,000 in fees from 1,087 #RESIST MeetUps co-sponsored by the Zionist Anti-Defamation League;

2. a media hit job against me (“sex slave children on Mars”) was rapidly developed after my long interview with Alex Jones on pedophilia  (here are the excerpts they fear) ;

3. Jason Goodman began a sustained 90 day campaign of defamation aided by over 400 individually-identified  trolls (many of them no doubt bots that will be traced to specific real people) that cost us $200K in donation revenue (the federal lawsuit is advancing nicely);

4. #GoogleGestapo, led by Eric Schmidt (an Ashkenazi Jew), began demonetizing (“shadow banning”) videos featuring #UNRIG, Robert Steele, or Cynthia McKinney and recently deleted two videos, restoring one but in the second case threatening the entire life work of a couple who do very good work — YouTube, a Google surrogate, is digitally assassinating anyone whose views they do not support; and also falling prey to false Zionist troll reports of “bullying” which is insane given that I am speaking about world affairs;

5. We have beatena massive denial of service attack as well as a suspension of a key MailChimp account.

6. And now we discover that Kaspesky has been gamed by the Zionist trolls:

Put most simply, we are at the forefront of a war between good and evil; between America First and Israel First; between the 1% Khazarian Mafia and their Zionist partners and the 99% on Main Street, the inner cities, and rural farms. We are strong advocates of truth and reconciliation, wishing no vindictive justice, only  the truth and a clear path forward.

I welcome these attacks as a sign that I have hit a nerve. I will persist.

Robert Steele

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