Kevin Barrett: Did Israel Do the Mosque Massacre in Egypt?

Kevin Barrett

This strikes me as the most plausible scenario.

Dick Eastman of Washington State sends:

THIS BOMB ATTACK ON A MOSQUE IN EGYPT WAS DEFINITELY DONE BY Israeli Operatives and the half Egyptian and  Moroccan Jew Al Sisi KNOWS that. Keeping Egypt under threat and fear and of course inciting Egyptians believe that perhaps Hamas are behind such terrorist attacks DONE ny ISRAELI Zionist Mercenaries on all Muslims, Sunni and Shia alike.  A true Muslim would never attack a house of God, fearing the wrath of God for killing innocent people especially I when they are praying to God, harming His worshippers!!

A ‘Muslim' who harms or kills another Muslim is NOT a true Muslim! They VIOLATE God's Laws and God's Creation

“And those who harm believing men and women undeservedly, bear on themselves the crime of slander and plain sin.” (Al-Ahzab: 58) 

In other words Israel used IS mercenaries to kill over 300 Moslems at prayer near Gaza on yesterday in order to get Egypt to commit strong military presence which would then be used to strangle Gaza being kept alive by supplies coming through tunnels and other ways through Sinai.

An article in Haaretz of July 3, 2015 reveals strong motive relating to Israel's war on Gaza for yesterday's bombing and shootings at a Sufi Mosque near Arish in Sinai close to Gaza. The article — complete English text — “How Egypt Lost Sinai Long Before the ISIS Attacks,” by Haaretz correspondent Anshel Pfeffer talks about the weakness of Egypt in Sinai and how IS (Daesh, ISIS) has possession, but the real Israeli interest is revealed: A weak Egyptian military presence cannot do what Israel wants Egypt to do, viz., close all tunnels supplying Gaza and to interdict all other means of getting aid to Gaza from the south. Pfeffer insists that unless Egypt do that Egypt has “lost Sinai.” REMEMBER: IS is a false-flag mercenary force serving international Jewish interests through Israel, UK, US, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. The murder of over 300 people at the Mosque in Sinai serves the purposes only of that set of interests — and this article by Pfeffer in Haaretz spells out those interests, that Zionist necessity, over two years this deadly terrorist action against peaceful innocent men, women and children in their prayers to God. 

We must get to the root cause of this killing of innocent and good people praying to the God of us all. We must expose those responsible however and powerful and pretending innocence. This attack was Netanyahu's way of getting Egypt to commit powerful military force that can be used to enforce treaties forbidding tunnels. It is all about Netanyahu's and Israel's obsession about murdering Gaza by starvation and taking it for Israel.

— Dick Eastman, Yakima, Washington 25 Nov 2017

Haaretz: Analysis How Egypt Lost Sinai Long Before the ISIS Attacks



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