Steven Aftergood: Congressional Research Service on The North Korean Nuclear Challenge – Military Options and Issues for Congress [Robert Steele: How President Trump Can Win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018]

Peace Intelligence
Steven Aftergood

A new report from the Congressional Research Service identifies and examines seven possible directions for US policy, none of them risk-free or altogether satisfactory:

*    maintaining the military status quo
*    enhanced containment and deterrence
*    denying DPRK acquisition of delivery systems capable of threatening the US
*    eliminating ICBM facilities and launch pads
*    eliminating DPRK nuclear facilities
*    DPRK regime change
*    withdrawing U.S. military forces

For a copy of the 67-page report (which was first reported by Bloomberg News), see The North Korean Nuclear Challenge: Military Options and Issues for Congress, October 27, 2017.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The terms of Alfred Nobel’s will, long violated by the politicized Committee, call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the PERSON who has done more than any other IN THE PRIOR YEAR to DEMILITARIZE the world. There is no better, faster way for Donald Trump to wage peace than to withdraw all US forces and equipment from Korea, Germany, and Japan, as well as the many small units all over Africa, Asia, and the Americas. I want Donald Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize as he will so richly deserve if he abolishes the National Security Council (NSC) and closes all US bases overseas. America First demands that our troops (and their wallets) be brought home as a precursor to both rebuilding a credible defense (450 ship Navy, long-haul Air Force, armored Army, electromagnetic resilience) and rebuilding our homeland.

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