#UNRIG Mobilize Network Now Open for Registration


Click below to join the 5,220 (12 citizens in each of 435 Congressional Districts) starting the 2nd American Revolution.

BETA — Bugs & Delays


PIONEERS!  Be one of the first to help break the back of the two-party tyranny. Here is the draft welcome statement (site being refined this week-end, you can join and be assigned to your local group from today on).

Welcome to the #UNRIG Community! We are bringing together — at the Congressional District level — Independents, small party members, Sandernistas, and GOP rebels who wish to discuss election refoirm. This is a non-profit educational campaign seeking to show individual citizens how they can take back the power and restore integrity to our Congress. International members are welcome — discussion groups are created for each country where there is interest in election reform and anyone registers. While we will take no political action ourselves, we believe that by working together, the 70% of the US public now disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny can self-organize and elect 50 Representatives and 10 Senators in 2018, and an Independent President with a coalition cabinet and balanced budget in 2020. The key is nation-wide collaboration such that the disenfranchised agree on ONE challenger in each Congressional District — imagine 10 districts where we all agree to support a Green, another 10 where we all agree to support a Libertarian, another 10 where we all agree to support an Independent…and so on. Join #UNRIG — learn how to declare Independence from the two-party tyranny that enables the Deep State impoverishing us all. Incumbents who agree to sign the Integrity Pledge and co-sponsor the Election Reform Act of 2018 should be given every consideration.

The Mobilize team is helping tweak their system, the cosmetics will be finished Monday but you can join today and nvite others to join today.

For each Congressional District we are seeking:

1 Independent
1 Constitution
1 Green
1 Libertarian Not Koch
1 Reform
1 Sandernista
1 Tea Party Not Koch
1 Trump No Matter What
1 Student in Debt
1 Elderly in Debt
1 Small Business in Debt
1 Jew Not Zionist

With a mix of gender, race, and religion naturally desired.

While over 70% of the public says a third party is needed, they are wrong. Parties — including the small parties — are toxic. Leaders of parties are quickly corrupted and sell their members out. We need to restore the accountability of Members of Congress at the Congressional District level, and we need to focus on People (99%) not Parties (instruments of the 1%). Our concept is simple — as an educational non-profit campaign we take no political action ourselves, but we strive to teach individual citizens that all politics is local and the best politics recognizes no party boundaries. Come together locally, then come together nationally, divide up the 435 Districts so that the collective agrees to support ONE challenger in each District (or the incumbent if they sign the Integrity Pledge) and our Independence from the Deep State and its two-party tyranny enabler is assured.

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