Jeff Rense: Zionist Role in Florida Shooting

07 Other Atrocities
Jeff Rense

“Over the past week, more pieces of the puzzle have emerged from witness testimony, confirming the initial analysis presented in the earlier two parts of this series. Here, in Part 3, other key elements involved in this heinous crime are probed. These include:

– description of the body armor and tactics of the reported three assailants are here compared with the IDF (Israel Defense Force) commando operations in Gaza, for which local Shomrim vigilantes have volunteered and participated (see part 2 for an expose of Shomrim cultist movement and its links with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel);

– the falsified public report by the Zionist ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in less than a day of the shooting, claiming suspect/patsy Nikolas Cruz is a member of a white supremacist organization; whereas in fact his bloodline is Jewish;

– the psychologist for Nikolas Cruz whose background in research for Army Intelligence focused on neuron-control systems is disclosed here, along with questions about the lad’s earlier confinement in state juvenile and psychiatric facilities; and

– more details about the Cruz family fortune left to stepson Nikolas.”

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