Dave Janda with Greg Hunter: Iran Nuclear Deal – Not Signed, $1.5B in Bribes to Obama & EU Leaders, Drugs Aspect — Trump is Setting the Stage for “Fix Big” Middle East Peace Deal

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Iran Nuke Deal — Bribes, Treason and Fraud

Dave Janda, host of the popular radio show called “Operation Freedom,” says the Iran nuclear deal (also known as the JCPOA) is an unsigned scam with huge implications of “treason and fraud.”  Janda says, besides the public not being told it was never signed by Iran, they were also lied to about the enormous amounts of cash brought to Iran on pallets.  It’s way more than the $1 billion or so the Obama Administration admitted to giving the number one state sponsor of terror.

Video (1:05:58) below the fold.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I have no direct knowledge on this specific matter, despite knowing five people with direct access to the President, but all indications are that our President is going to repeat his success working with General Secretary Xi Jinping in denuclearizing the Koreas, to do exactly the same thing in the Middle East with President Vladimir Putin to include the denuclearization of Israel. I was the first to report the Korea deal in the West, on 4 March 2018, now I am happy to go on the record to say that whether the denuclearization and containment of Israel was planned or not (I think it was), that is now on the table. In my humble opinion, Jerusalem is a brilliant feint by the President, using his in-house Chabad Supremacist Cult liaison, Jared Kushner, to throw arch-liar and arch-terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu off the scent.

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