Eagle: Is America Imploding? Are the Children Imprisoned in WalMarts a Signal of the End of American Morality?

300 Million Talons…

(How) American Collapse is Becoming American Implosion

The Next Phase of Decline, and Why It’s Going to be (Much) Worse Than You Think

Over the last several days, you’ve probably watched in numb, icy horror as kids are put in cages in camps where they’re not allowed to hug each other.

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predation is now taking on a very different tone now. It is going from the hidden, soft predation of crap jobs and raiding pension funds and shifting debt from bailed out hedge funds onto students — to something harder, something more lethal, whose teeth and claws are finally being revealed. So implosion means, in this second sense, that predatory institutions are ready to use hard force, real violence, to accomplish their means. They are ready to consume everything that is left now, with very real abuse and systematic human rights violations. Hence, the camps.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The child camps are a problem for the Trump Administration because his press team stinks. The DHS press person is not being heard but at least she has her act together — 10,000 of the 12,000 children were taken from human traffickers, not from their parents. The fact that this number of children have been separated from human traffickers by the authorities suggests that the number of children being trafficked is much higher, perhaps toward 80,000.  For Trump’s press people to fail to drive this point home in the media is grounds for dismissal. They simply are not paying attention.

Family courts and insolvency courts are now known to be part of the rigged system and the means by which the 1% prey not only on the middle class but on the poor (e.g. with sub-prime mortgates).

The author is correct in saying that an economic re-birth is possible, Trump has been slow to roll out his economic initiatives toward the 99%, rumor has it this coming week will see a trillion dollars distributed via 1,500 intermediaries who will begin bottom-up spending, and on the 4th of July the President may have a major announcement about the Federal Reserve and US independence from the Deep State.

There is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed, and fixed quick, with an Election Reform Act, a Truth Channel, and a Trump Studio, as means of connecting the President to the 99% and the 99% to the truth.

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