Owl: Bourdain, Occult Girlfriend, Pedophilia, Death by Doorknob

07 Other Atrocities
Who? Who?

“Eyes Wide Shut” is much more of a documentary than most people realize. Maybe Bourdain knew. What Kubrick movie did for Satanic obsessions of Hollywood elite needs to be done on a movie about same obsessions of politicians, bankers, judges, CEOs, etc.  What’s so troubling to think about this: if our world is ruled by child molesting (and murdering) Satanists and devil worshippers, literally, then this “management”, such as it is, is utterly devoid of all legitimacy.  What they are is a void beyond even John Robb’s “hollow state” and equivalent concepts. In this light (or dark?) above, therefore, doing intelligence on religion and religions first has to be focused at root on intelligence about occultism, Satanism, devil worship, black magic, etc.

The Occult World of Asia Argento – Anthony Bourdain’s ex-Girlfriend

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