Robert Steele: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Billy Graham — The Christian Back Story Underlying the Koreas Unification

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I am constantly impressed by “Sorcha Faal.” Despite being a known fabricator, the quality of the narratives and the integrity of the links used to support the narrative are very valuable — far more valuable than, say, anything from Crap News Network (CNN) or anything in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB).

Deep State” Goes Into Full Meltdown After Historic Trump-Kim Summit With Shocking Call For “Star Chamber” Secret Trials—And Stunning Move To Ignite World War III  

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The Christian back story to the Koreas unification summit is not known to most and I salute Sorcha Faal for putting this piece together.  I was the first to publish the Koreas story of 4 March 2018 and was called a lunatic and ignored. Now of course everyone is flailing because they still don’t get it and most of them don’t even know that our President also cut a side deal on rare earth minerals.

What most also do not appear to realize that General Secretary Xi Jinping was the originator of this new initiative and its guarantor. Our President closed the deal by agreeing to stop US military exercises with South Korea and to eventually withdraw all US forces from Korea after unification and denuclearization. China responded by withdrawing its missiles from the South China Sea.

The wisdom and deep positive energy of South Korea’s leadership, particularly Moon Jae-in, must be recognized. They built the bridge and worked out the details. Xi, Trump, Kim, and Moon have earned the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether that corrupt organization, still controlled by the Deep State as a propaganda activity, is able to clean house and get back to the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will (to recognize the INDIVIDUALS who have done the most in the PAST YEAR to DEMILITARIZE the world) remains to be seen.

1,000 years of peace and prosperity are upon and the denuclearization of the Middle East is next up, followed by the cleansing of Europe and the stabilization — on indigenous terms — of Africa and Central Asia.

God Bless all four of these great countries and all four of these great leaders.

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