Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Trumpism is a form of populism

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Trumpism is a form of populism:
Former CIA officer

Tehran Times

2 June 2018

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TEHRAN, Mar. 26 (MNA) –Robert David Steele, the former CIA clandestine operations officer, tells “Trumpism — and Sanderism — are both forms of populism.”

Steele, who was recommended in 2017 for the Nobel Peace Prize, adds that

“He is like a philosopher-king who know what he knows, does not know what he does not know, but is generally acting in the best interests of the larger public and the Republic that has been captured by and is now being liberated from Satanic forces.”

Following is the complete text of the interview with Robert Steele.

Q: Is “Trumpism” a flow, school, and thought in the United States? Can the current president of the United States produce a political or philosophical thought in the field of American social and foreign policy?

A: Trumpism — and Sanderism — are both forms of populism, in which the 99% are recognizing that the two-party tyranny that controls and sells the public purse at a 95% discount (wasteful war-mongering spending in return for a standard 5% kick-back) is not only blocking 70% of the public from meaningful access to the political process that makes vital cultural, economic, and governance decisions, but it is killing the country, depriving future generations of the benefits of hundreds of years of hard work by the 99%, never mind the hundreds of years of theft by the 1%.

Populism, not Trumpism or Sanderism — is here to stay and will be joined by secessionism.  I predict the United Kingdom will break up within ten years as individual countries renounce the role played by Commonwealth controls in favor of the 1%, and the USA may lose 1 or more states (Alaska, Texas, Vermont) while California breaks up into 2 or more states.

President Donald Trump is producing both a grand strategy and a foreign policy and a new political-philosophical method despite being under constant attack by the Deep State including the Zionist-controlled fake news media and #Google Gestapo (social media). President Trump is severely hampered on the one hand by having a secret intelligence community and military-industrial complex that are largely worthless (he gets 4% at best of what he needs to know from the “intelligence community” and the military-industrial complex cannot win wars or keep the peace), and on the other hand substantially empowered by his direct personal relations with General Secretary Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.   The unification, denuclearization, and demilitarization of the Koreas would not have happened without these “three amigos” trusting one another and ignoring their Zionist-influenced staffs, and I am quite certain that in President Trump's second term we are going to denuclearize Israel and create a permanent peace in the Middle East, while also severely cutting back the wasteful US military, perhaps to include closing all 1,000 military bases overseas (smuggling points for gold, guns, drugs, cash and small children, of no significant national security value in the public interest).

The philosophy that is emerging is one of Confucian pragmatism.  Trump is much closer to Xi and Putin than most realize in that he loves the American public and the American Republic, but realizes that they have been dumbed down and drugged up for the past fifty years.  He is fighting the Deep State almost single-handedly, but with a remarkable cadre of loyal bankers and military and intelligence officers who have for years planned for the elimination of the Deep State and the recovery of over half if not more of the $23-43 trillion dollars stolen from the public treasury by the Deep State as represented by Wall Street and the Zionists and the Vatican.

Trump appears to have hundreds of initiatives developing in the background, including a massive investment in the black inner cities, a massive investment in the white impoverished rural areas, and political inclusiveness plans that most people cannot begin to imagine (just as none could imagine the unification of the Koreas, for which Xi, Trump, Kim, and Moon will assuredly share the Nobel Peace Prize). Trump's brilliance in devising over 20,000 sealed indictments, most of which will never be acted upon, lies in his neutralizing 90% of the Deep State. Now he is closing in on the remaining 10% within the 1%, and I believe their days are numbered.

My one disappointment — but with total empathy for the President's difficulties — is that he has not enforced Title 7 anti-discrimination laws against #GoogleGestapo (Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia particularly) and he has not created a two-way trusted social ecology to educate the public and enable 100% of our voters, beginning with 22 million veterans, to fully participate in public life. 70% of the public continues to be excluded from the so-called American democracy, that is in fact a fraud — a “pay to play” rigged system.

Q: Trump has repeatedly stated that he is not a Republican. In your opinion, what is the current political affiliation of Trump himself?

A: Trump is a Trumpian. He is like a philosopher-king who know what he knows, does not know what he does not know, but is generally acting in the best interests of the larger public and the Republic that has been captured by and is now being liberated from Satanic forces. All signs point toward three major things happening on the political front in the USA in 2018:

First, veterans and real conservatives will move into the 50% of the Republican Party precinct seats that are vacant, and the Republican Party will once again become a party connected to conservative values, instead of a puppet of the Deep State — a very hypocritical puppet.  Most senior Republican politicians (and most senior Democratic politicians) are deeply vulnerable to exposure for being associated with pedophilia including murderous pedophilia — if not as practitioners than as enablers and cover-uppers — and for being bribed and blackmailed by the Zionists and other elements of the Deep State including Saudi Arabia.

Second, the Democratic Party appears ready to collapse because the Sandernista wing is now recognizing that Bernie Sanders was a complicit corrupt sheepdog for Hillary Clinton, and also that the Democratic Party in no way represents blacks, single mothers, the young, the elderly, and all those who thought that it was the party of the underdog. The Democratic Party has been fully exposed as a truly criminal party that used elements of the Shadow Government — notably very corrupt officials in the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Department of Justice — to spy on President Trump's campaign and to carry out many perfidious acts for which the Clinton Foundation was bribed by others — the sale of Uranium One to Russia, the sale of Libya to the French, the sale of Yemen and Somalia to the Saudis.

Third, 2018 may be the year of the Independent and the year in which the small parties (Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Reform especially)  realize they can enter the halls of power by agreeing among themselves to field only ONE candidate in opposition to the two-party  tyranny in each of the 435 Congressional Districts — this means that they agree beforehand which Districts can most easily be won by Libertarians (25 out of 435), by Greens (15 out of 435), and Independents (as many as 50 out of 435), and then agree that they will all support only ONE small party/independent challenger in EACH of the Congressional Districts. Similar arrangements can be made for a handful of Senate seats. I predict this is the year in which 10 Senators (out of 100) and 50 Representatives (out of 435) will be elected who refuse to caucus with either wing of the two-party tyranny. This creates a swing vote in each chamber that neutralizes the two-party tyranny and forces transparent evidence-based decision-making in the public interest.

 Q: The president of the United States has used his own cabinet of neoconservatives, such as John Bolton. This is while he previously described himself as George W. Bush's sharp opponents. How do you evaluate this contradiction?

A: My publication, both free online and at Amazon Kindle, Donald Trump, The Accidental President — Under Siege! A Soft Coup Rages within a Closed Rigged System… (Trump Revolution 05) explains this.  President Trump did not expect to win; his wife was in tears when he won “accidentally” after the convergence of a number of factors including the blockage of electoral fraud by Hillary Clinton against Trump in the same thirteen states where she used electoral fraud to steal  the primaries from Bernie Sanders (with his whole-hearted support). From the very moment he was elected, he has been acutely conscious of being in danger of being assassinated as John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were when they dared to challenge the Deep State.

While I have no direct access to the President or his mind, as a professional intelligence officer — and one of the first to publish, in August 2015, an article on how he could win — what I see is a man who is a street fighter.  Unlike most Presidents since Andrew Jackson, to whom Trump bears a striking resemblance at the gut level, Trump has recognized the need to keep his enemies close and to deceive his enemies — including Benjamin Netanyahu — at all times. He has suffered from an extraordinarily mediocre staff, from many enemies within including Mike Pence, Rence Preibus, Paul Ryan, and Herbert McMaster. His appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor (for the moment) was sheer genius. He brought the idiot mouthpiece for the Zionists inside the tent, made a clever move on Jerusalem while he sealed the deal on Korea, and now Israel is confronted by the stark reality that the denuclearization of Israel — and I hope the restoration of Palestine — are inevitable, in our lifetime.

Trump may be a contradiction, but he is our indisputable President, he will not be impeached, he will be elected for a second term if he chooses to run, and he has created a massive mix of populist forces and “white hat” billionaires who are planning to spend $500 million this year preparing to both support Trump, and to keep Trumpism alive if Trump is assassinated (least likely) or quits because he hates living in an old house full of cockroaches (somewhat likely).

Trump's second term has enormous potential. He used the two attacks on Syria, both coordinated with Putin and Assad, to measure the effectiveness of the US military. The failure of one third of Raytheon's missiles in the first attack was not lost on him. Elsewhere the Russian neutralization of the USS Donald Cook with one unarmed electronic aircraft may or may not have been briefed to the President, but I believe that he understands, in at least general terms, that the US cannot win a major war as it is now organized and equipped — fully 70% of our aircraft are not combat ready for lack of spare parts and other issues, all of our ships can be electronically neutralized, and the Army has forgotten how to field armored divisions, they have been getting away with “special operations” against light-weight tribal forces and have no idea how to go forward in a world where all of their communications and geospacial positioning satellites can be eliminated in one night.

Q: If we think of Trump as a Republican, what is his idea of which spectrum is closer to this party? (T-party, Neoconservatives or Traditional Republicans)

A: Do not think of Trump as a Republican.  As I stated very clearly in my appearance to Rolling Thunder, speaking to a large crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument and the Capitol behind me, Trump's greatest enemy is not the Democratic Party, it is the Republican Party.  Trump now knows that Pence, Ryan, Preibus, and Scott Walker have been betraying him at every turn. He has not made the leap yet, to sponsoring the Election Reform Act of 2018 or to creating a two-way truth channel that allows him to Trumpet (we terminate Twitter) every one of 200 million eligible voters and also see a Presidential Dashboard in which the answers of all 200 million to him can be made sense of and visualized by issue, location, and demographic, but that is coming soon — very soon.

Trump is an American. He understands that his powerbase is people, not parties. For all of his warts, Trump is authentic, inclusive, and truthful. On the latter point: I have nothing but scorn and disdain for people like Mike Hayden, former Director of both NSA and then CIA, who challenge the President's truthfulness. Yes, Trump can be very free with his metaphors and get his facts wrong, but at the end of the day there is simply no comparison between the Deep State that has told millions of lies — including 935 lies taking us into a $5 trillion dollar war in Iraq and Afghanistan — and Donald Trump, whose factual mis-steps are incidental and political.

Q: Is Trump's protective approach to the economy or his special emphasis on “American values” can be a sign of his influence on a particular economic and political school (thought)?

A: Trump understands that we have been destroying our seed corn (the average worker) for fifty years.  I am told that Trump has seen my summary review of the book by economist Wayne Jett, The Fruits of Graft, which documents how the US bankers, with the complicity of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, created the Great Depression very very deliberately. The Great Depression was a banker's war on the rising middle class that was demanding more power in Washington, with the side result of giving the banks a chance to buy up property at depression-level prices.  Trump is no fool.  He understands that the greatest traitors in America are the New York City bankers, the same bankers that financed Hitler and the Nazis, along with the Zionists who have been subverting our culture, our economy, our government, our society, since the 1920’s.

Trump is doing brilliantly on two levels while ignoring the third. He has been brilliant at taking down the banks, and if he has indeed recovered $15 trillion or more from the banks (out of the $23-43 trillion known to have been stolen from the public treasury) that cuts our national debt in half (there is now discussion that he may have recaptured enough to wipe the debt out all together) while freeing up money to pump into the US economy at the grassroots level (direct bottom up investments, not top down “trickle” where less than 5% reaches the village level).

He is doing very well as resetting the trade imbalances — people need to understand that the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obamas were all the best of the servant class — grifters beholden to the Deep State and enabling the Deep State  to loot the public treasury and steal from the public with impunity — that included cutting trade deals and arms deals and even nuclear control deals (e.g. with Iran) in which these so called “leaders” received hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes while betraying the US economy and the US public. European leaders did something similar in the Barcelona Agreements in the late 1990's when they took massive bribes from Arab dictators in return for agreeing to allow unlimited immigration by unemployed Muslims.

What Trump is ignoring, because he does not have an intelligence community or even a cabinet of the highest caliber, is the tri-fecta of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Trump should not only be concentrating on breaking up all of the “big” industries that are virtual monopolies from agriculture to education to energy to health to security but he should be focusing on helping every community at the county level become completely self-sufficient and fully versed in OSEE which allows the creation of a very good standard of living at 10% the cost of the prevailing failed Western economic model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks. “Rugged individualism” demands both a respect for the Earth — a role as a steward rather than as a despoiler of the Earth — and the ability to “make do” locally without reliance of either foreign sources or absentee landlords.  Between now and 2024 I anticipate a comprehensive Great Awakening in America, culturally, economically, and politically….no minds, no hearts, left behind, a revival of the American community.

Q: Is the election of Trump as the president of the United States in 2016, a symbol of American citizenship tendency towards populism? Otherwise, how can such a phenomenon be interpreted?

A: Yes. Sometime ago I pointed out that you can get away with screwing some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but you cannot get away with screwing all of the people all of the time.  Occupy was a first hint of the populist anger, and the Rothschilds got the message — the pitchforks and torches were emergent in 2012. They were able to stave off a public revolution with their Manchurian candidate Barack Obama, and he is in fact their personal representative in Washington DC today, the real reason he stayed on rather than returning to Chicago. My original thesis on preconditions of revolution is easily found online, all of the preconditions of revolution — notably concentrated wealth and loss of faith in government — exist in the USA — and the UK and all other Western powers — today.

The American public is waking up and returning to fundamentals. Families and communities are realizing that Hollywood, the media, liberalism, religions, have all been focused on destroying the cultural and ethnic integrity of the United States of America. Television is a substitute for deep faith and intended to create a nation of stupid lethargic individuals who will believe any lie and avoid any action. The “political correctness” that allows many forms of deviance is a form of what Herbert Marcuse called “repressive tolerance.” Today #GoogleGestapo embraces pedophilia movies and forums but is desperately trying to eradicate conservative voices as well as progressive voices that question the official narrative.

America is now five years into a civil war between good and evil. It is not a war between left and right rather it is a war between the 99% and the 1%, a war between those who believe in family and community and the golden rule, and those who believe that we are all sub-human “cattle” to be plundered for their benefit. In this war the Zionists are the secret police of the Deep State, and it is imperative that every citizen understand, as I learned in the 1970's, that the Zionist view (not to be confused with the views of faithful Jews) is that we are all sub-human — we are all shiksas, a term for gentile girls that do not count and can be treated as whores.

Do not be fooled by Trump's moves on Jerusalem and in relation to Israel.  The Zionists and the Deep State have over-played their hand, Pizzagate was and pedophilia is the “eye opener” for those in the public that were still asleep, and we will see, in our lifetime, the liberation of Jerusalem and the restoration of Palestine.

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