Yoda: Could Northern Mexico Be Ready to Split from Mexico?

08 Wild Cards, Officers Call

Phi Beta Iota: There are weak signals that suggest a small possibility that US military forces might cross the border into Mexico, and with the support of the Mexican provincial leaders and public seeking to separate from Mexico, create a new “zone of control” for stopping human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration. Those that posit and oil capture goal need to look at the below map — while Northern Mexico has gas, the oil is in the south. The second link below is from a known fabricator (Sorcha Faal) with a gift for connecting legitimate links with a provocative narrative. It merits comment that China is becoming very aggressive in Central and South America. While the US will be tempted to use the only tool it has now (the military), a wiser course would be to develop new tools including fair trade rooted in holistic analytics and true cost economics.  Robert Steele's long-recommended strategy for US global priorities is shown at the end of this post.

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