CounterPunch: Paul Street on Media Gone Wild on Russia and Poor Little Bill Browder, Chief Looter of Russia

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Reflections on Media Gone Russia-Wild

FOX News may function as Trumpian state screwball television, but CNN and MSNBC have become Trump-mad dumpster fires in their own right. Their daily, hour-by-hour obsession with the latest breaking Trump-Russia story angle has gone full-on Crazy Train.

Phi Beta Iota: It is virtually certain that William Browder was a lead asset, if not the lead asset, for the Gold War against Russia managed by Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan at the direction of G. H. W. Bush, from 1998-2001. Browder is a poster child for how easily the public can be lied to by the media, and we note with scorn and disdain that Fox News has been absolutely worthless to the President or the public in exposing Browder's malfeasance.

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