Yoda: Russia Gets It – Deep State is Common Enemy to Trump & Putin

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Hysteria against Trump, ignore we should.

Trump, Americans and Putin Have a Common Problem: The US Deep State

During the “hot mic incident” Barack Obama promised Dmitry Medvedev to be “flexible”, and yet the mainstream media refrained from calling Obama a traitor. The double standard is obvious and so is the fact that Russian collusion is merely a pretext for bashing Trump.

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There is a silver lining in the whole post-Helsinki debacle.

The silver lining is that the American people are way smarter than the “deep state” thinks they are. Judging by the whole Russiagate scandal, the “deep state” firmly believes that a lie, repeated often enough through every mainstream media channel, will eventually become a self-evident truth for the average American. The Clinton political operatives are wrong on this count. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 1% of Americans believe that “the situation with Russia” as the most important problem facing the US today. Despite all the efforts of the mainstream media, it is unlikely to change, and that’s why there is still some hope that the “deep state” can be defeated.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Ivan Danilov who appears to be a very active Russian media influence asset, has it absolutely right. President Trump was without blemish in his meeting with President Putin, what Americans are seeing today is the Deep State, Shadow Government, and Fake New Media in full panic mode. They understand that the only thing worse that Trump against the Deep State is Trump and Putin together against the Deep State.  What they may not realize is that Xi, Trump, and Putin came together within the first six months of the first Trump Administration, we are in wrap up mode now.  The Deep State (and Zionism) are OVER. What Trump has not done yet, what he needs to do before the November 2018 election, is connect with the 99%.  He does that with his own truth channel and Trump studio, the #UNRIG Election Reform Act, and a very public purging of the fake news media from the White House — that real estate is too valuable to be wasted on scum.


Andrey Kortunov, “Was Putin Not Generous Enough In Helsinki?American Herald Tribune, 21 July 2018.

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