Wayne Jett: Project Insignia Reveals Deep State Trillions



Currency Amounts Beyond Comprehension

Project Insignia, described as an investigation into Deep State cocaine trafficking, made a gigantic data dump of its findings on or about August 24, 2018. Information and documents are so voluminous as to defy concise description, but a start must be made. Operatives working behind cover of a major U. S. “intelligence” construct (call it “Crooks In America”) had possession of very large assets after World War II, gained either by military, clandestine, criminal or a combination of such activities.

These operatives organized “cut-out” business operations to expedite use of their “off the books” funds in activities of their own choosing. They planned and carried out vast new criminal activities (including major drug trafficking) to increase their “discretionary” funds. This they did in order to conduct operations Congress did not know about, thereby giving them independence from congressional supervision and control. What has come of these activities is staggering in scope and very much in play presently within the battle for control of the U. S. government and the world.

Five Star Trust

As shown in Project Insignia’s data dump, one of many private organizations formed to advance these purposes is called Five Star Trust (“FST”), so named because five principals controlled its activities. The data dump includes many bank documents officially providing assurances of account balances held on behalf of FST. Each account balance contains so many zeroes following the initial numerals that most readers will have difficulty reading and comprehending the amount; i.e., each account balance often exceeds $1 Trillion by several decimal points.

The sources and uses of these funds are beyond the scope of this early report. In general terms, they are thought to have originated in illegal drug trafficking, but that is too much a generality at this time. Illegal drug sales may have provided source money for other illicit activities, such as human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and terrorist actions as additional revenue producers.

Frozen Accounts

Here is a key take-away from the Project Insignia data dump. Project Insignia informs us of an entire spectrum of corrupt activities which are subject to the powerful prohibitions of the Executive Order signed by President Donald Trump on December 20, 2017, effective at 12:01 am the next morning. The scope of national emergency declared in that EO and its provisions freezing all assets of persons and entities named in the appended list (which reportedly has grown to hundreds of pages) are sufficiently broad to cover the bank accounts and other holdings of FST and all other entities created by the Deep State to move and manage its gigantic hordes of illicit funds.

Cutting to the chase, we may safely assume that, since the public now knows of the Project Insignia data, so do those who are managing the presidential EO. In simplest terms, we may now presume that President Trump’s EO lists all illicit organizations named in Project Insignia documents. Thus, all assets in these bank accounts used by the Deep State to finance its illicit operations are frozen and unavailable to holders of the accounts. This puts each bank or other financial institution holding these assets at risk of liability for any amounts transferred from the accounts. So the Deep State operatives are cut off from funding of their continuing illegal activities, including any efforts to impeach or otherwise to remove the president from office.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Along with the work of Catherine Austin Fitts and those she draws on, this is a most helpful overview of how and why President Donald Trump is triumphing over the Deep State and Shadow Government so ably defined by Peter Dale Scott and others following his lead. There have been three major sources of illicit wealth: captured gold and treasure in the aftermath of WWII; stolen money from the US Treasury via DoD and HUD fraud led by Zionist and neo-conservative traitors; and quasi-official trafficking in drugs, guns, cash, gold, and small children, an area where the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family have excelled.  NAFTA was actually a means of facilitating “protected” drug trafficking, much of it through Texas.

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