Gareth Porter: Could Trump Take Down the Empire?

Peace Intelligence
Gareth Porter

Could Trump Take Down the American Empire?

“We spend $3.5 billion a year to have troops in South Korea,” Trump complained. “I don’t know why they’re there. … Let’s bring them all home!”

“We have [spent] $7 trillion in the Middle East,” Trump said at the end of the meeting. “We can’t even muster $1 trillion for domestic infrastructure.”

Phi Beta Iota: Although the author is viscerally against our President, he provides a fine summary of those portions of Fear that show our President is right on target about ending US wars and occupations and regime change operations overseas — the summary also reveals how shallow and unjustified are the arguments made by the national security team for continuing to be the military arm of the Deep State. We pray our President will ultimately withdraw from NATO, close all US military bases overseas without exception, bring all of our troops home, and focus on peace and prosperity for all.

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