Robert Steele: Synagogue False Flag — Baloney — FEMA Legalized Lies UPDATE 17: Synagogue Business as Usual…No Bio-Hazards?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas



Synagogue opens quickly for business as usual, no problem with the alleged bio-hazards that would have kept it closed for a week to ten days. Note also two competing cover stories, one from New York one from Pittsburgh, of two different groups claiming to be responsible for the ritual cleaning.


I don't believe it.  If it is a real shooter, he is programmed and most likely programmed by the Mossad on the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu.  As we now know from a review of all past false flags, the Zionists are more than happy to kill their own (Argentina, Jewish community center) as well as Americans (USS Cole, USS Liberty, 9/11). Their objective: to legalize the censorship at #GoogleGestapo where anyone who questions anything is considered “anti-Semitic.

BULLSHIT.  Zionists evil. Jews good.  Not the same thing.  It is also possible this is a FEMA drill with legalized lies to instil fear.  My letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security was ignored.  The letter is below the fold.


And we need legislation to stop crap like this from going national.  Local event, local news, enough already.  This has all  the earmarks of a false flag seeking to advance the Zionist agenda and interfere with the election.

DOC (2 Page): A Letter to DHS AG Hill REDACTED

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‘Deadliest Attack on Jewish Community in U.S. History': Jewish Leaders Lament Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

‘It is unfathomable that in the United States of America, Jews or any one else should have to live in fear of being targeted simply because of who they are and where they choose to worship,' says World Jewish Congress president

ROBERT STEELE:  BULLSHIT X2 X10 X100.  In all probability the Chabad Jews did this to their own.  This is a false flag attack intended to disrupt the elections and arouse sympathy for the subversive Zionists who hide behind the skirts of the loyal Progressive and Reform Jews who have been told directly by Benjamin Netanyahu that they can FUCK OFF.

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Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  Yes, there are a few crazies that might do this all on their own but no, they would not succeed at killing eight people (now claimed to be up to eleven) unless the people being shot are all morons and stand still. I believe this was a programmed event — a mind-control event — and it will be used to justify draconian censorship across #GoogleGestapo. Sadly, now that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been exposed as a theatrical agency — my letter is as good as it gets in terms of warning (as was my 1994 letter on cyber-vulnerability) — I fear they will begin producing real bodies.  Between the Zionists and the neo-cons and secret society folk controlling the Continuity of Government (COG) side of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there is no aversion at all to killing innocents for a “just cause,” i.e. to further the police state at home and endless war abroad. I have ZERO confidence in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); they threw the Fort Lauderdale mind-control shooter out of their office when he turned himself in while in a state where he could overturn his mind-control but still remember it.  Then the Fort Lauderdale shooting happened. This individual is in custody if he has not bee silently dispatched.  Have they done a total debrief including truth drugged and trained recovery specialists?  I doubt it.  “Everyone knows” that mind-control is a COG / secret protected activity, legalized lying is explicitly condoned by Congress, and no one is willing to tell the President the truth or help the President get to the bottom of what has become a very sad spectacle of SCHEDULED mass casualties.  We even have  a procurement program to provide vehicles with “Mass Casualties” written on the side, clearly someone is planning for many more such events.

Read the mass media with care.  Below is one example from The Daily Beast, the least ethical of all the second-string outlets, and also very responsive to Media Matters, which is used to guide the Cabal/Democratic message. There are three objectives  to the emerging “message” from the controlled media:

01 Social media and schoolroom monitoring (FEMA is trying to train kids to rat on the parents, teachers, and classmates) is necessary and good for us all. “Zero tolerance” is the term that will be used often.

02 Anyone who disagrees with the Democrats is a hater and should be censored; anyone who is censored is probably also a killer and should be locked up.

03 Zionism and Jews are good (not true, Zionism evil, Jews good, the Zionists are really upset that we have successfully distinguished between the two), the Jewish community is the heart of America (not true, they are a distinct minority with just 9 million voters, but the Zionists have indeed penetrated all communications and computing systems and control banks, entertainment, government, and media).

No bodies will be shown.  There will be a burial spectacular worthy of Nero, with all the brain-dead pundits assuming a somber tone.  Greatest mass murder in history — but wait, what about 9/11 done by the Zionists with the help of George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

I don't make this shit up.  This is where we are headed, with more and more SCHEDULED mass casualties (and more and more real bodies), unless we get a grip on FEMA, CIA, and other rogue elements, and dig down deep to eliminate all the Deep Underground Military Bunkers and all the programs from mind-control to dumbing down and diseasing the public to geoengineering, that are being carried out against the public interest.

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Multiple DHS/FEMA rehearsals before the live event.

From 24 January 2018: Active shooter drill planned for Thursday night in Squirrel Hill, Darlington Road to close


We are not sure Kirstjen Nielsen understands the depth of the evil to be found at the intersection of COG and FEMA; she has not responded to my letter, perhaps it was intercepted and she never saw it (just as Kelly intercepts stuff intended for the President).  Below documents prior visits to the synagogue.

Homeland Security officials visited site of Pittsburgh shooting in March


The anti-semitism script is being faithfully followed by media whores who are paid and controlled by the Deep State. This is being combined with the shut-down of Gab.  Anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism. America is rising up against foreign influence on US elections and policies — Russia is not the enemy, Zionist Israel is the enemy. In no way is this anti-Semitic or against the nine million American Jews that were told to fuck off by Benjamin Netanyahu. This is a contrived event that has been in the planning since January 2018, and the script is contrived as well.

Anti-Semitism has moved ‘into the mainstream,' ADL director says

The rise in “anti-Semitism” is also bullshit.  What no one in the mainstream media dares to discuss is the fact that the Zionists are documenting every possible statement (e.g. calling for boycott of Zionist Israel as anti-Semitic when it is actually anti-genocide) AND the world is waking up to the Zionist role in 9/11 as well as the Zionist history of happily killing “lesser” Jews when convenient.

Anti-Semitic Attacks On The Rise In The United States, Report Says | NBC Nightly News


One aspect that I find odd is that the people who died are very old. The youngest is 54.

It is possible that only elderly people go to that particular synagogue, but it's also possible that those people took off to some senior citizen retirement center in Israel.

It is also possible that some of them died weeks or months ago, but nobody mentioned it because they wanted to use the deaths for some operation like this.

Take a look at this list:

Rose Mallinger,        97
Melvin Wax,            88
Sylvan Simon,          86
Bernice Simon,         84
Joyce Fineberg,        75
Daniel Stein,          71
Irving Younger,        69
Jerry Rabinowitz,      66
Richard Gottfried,     65
Cecil Rosenthal,       59
David Rosenthal,       54

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Who were the victims?

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Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media


Robert David STEELE Vivas

UPDATE 7 is particularly comprehensive with multiple sources coming in.

The hospital says no bodies — we now know beyond any significant doubt that this is a false flag event and FEMA is authorizing lies to the public as part of a fear campaign.  Shame on Kirstjen Nielson for not acting on my letter (unless it was kept from her).  She is resigning soon, I suspect she has no stomach for what FEMA is doing.

The destruction of Gab was in my view planned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) from January 2018 (the patsy joined Gab with anti-Jew comments in the same month that DHS held its first walk-through at the Synagogue). They are now waging war on America, where any comment critical of Democrats or Israel is called anti-semitic, and they have achieved treasonous undue influence over US social media infrastructure — entire sites are being shut down because they dare to challenge the official narratives — legalized lies in gross violation of all Constitutional protocols.

Zionism is OVER.  This is going to be THE issue in 2020 Presidential election.

Legalized lies and official USG False Flag operations are treason. This is going to be a key issue in the 2020 Presidential election.

The failure of the two-party tyranny to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all domestic enemies is going to a key issue in the 2020 Presidential election.

I regard the Parkland and Synagogue false flag events to be as heinous as 9/11 which we know with absolute certainly was planned and executed by the Zionists under the legal protection of George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

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Patsy came with the first drill — AIPAC & ADL planned from day one?

January 2018: Active-Shooter Drill Planned at Squirrel Hill Community Center

Via: WPXI: Updated: Jan 25, 2018 – 6:50 PM

Local and federal law enforcement will conduct an active-shooter drill Thursday night at a Pittsburgh community center. Pittsburgh and Allegheny County police, as well as FBI personnel, will stage the scene at the Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The drill will include apprehending a shooter, evacuations and treating victims on the scene. At least 50 volunteers from Squirrel Hill and the Jewish Community Center staff will participate in the exercise.


Robert Bowers: Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Was Avid Poster of Anti-Semitic Content on Gab

Via: CBS:

Screenshots from Bowers’ Gabe profile are still archived. Bowers joined Gab in January 2018, according to his profile, which said at the top of the page: “jews are the children of satan.”

More: @Roosh


I called the Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburg where the patients of the synagogue shooting were supposedly taken and they could not confirm receiving any injured people. Please call yourself, the number is 412-647-3333


I put out a call for any photo evidence
hospital footage, relatives, etc
came up empty
something wrong here

Who? Who?


Looks like GoDaddy is removing Gab’s domain.  This tweet briefly explains Gab’s difficulties in going offshore with another registrar are briefly explained here. I’ve used GoDaddy in past and always thought they sucked.

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Crap News Network (CNN) is clearly “owned” by the Anti-Defamation League (the Zionist secret police in the USA) and is incapable of critical thinking about any of the false flag activities now underway.  Sadly, Faux New is not much better.  Not a single network within the Mainstream Media (MSM) is able to deal with the obvious: both the synagogue and the fake bombs are FALSE FLAGS.  How stupid (or corrupt) do you have to be?

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Anomalies proving this was a false flag — Trump can be the fool or he can demand to walk the scene, see the bodies, and publicly declare this to be an ADL – FEMA false flag with all lies condemned.


Alert Reader says: What we couldn’t figure out is WHY in the audio the police kept referring to the shooter or suspect as ‘actor’ and the crime scene as ‘stage’ throughout the audio. Now I know why.

Pittsburgh Shooting: Evidence of False Flag Fakery Surfaces



Paul Adams

Total absolute bullshit. This individual is either a witting or unwitting patsy but he is a patsy none the less. This is all theater — Zionists abusing Jews to play the victim card and justify mass censorship of critics of the Deep State, Zionism, and extreme Democratic depravity.

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was treated by a Jewish doctor and nurses


Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I was the first to warn the White House of our cyber-vulnerabilities (1994); the first to write about how President Trump could win (2015); the first to document #GoogleGestapo rooted in Anti-Defamation League campaigns against those who distinguish between Zionism (bad) and Judaism (good) to defend the atrocities of the Zionist State of Israel; and the first to break the story on the unification and denuclearization of the Koreas (2018) with follow-on stories about how the Middle East will be denuclearized in the future starting with Israel.

President Donald Trump has done many superb things but he has failed to keep his most important promise in relation to the truth — 9/11 Truth — and he and his Attorney General failed to act with speed and depth against the obvious conspiracy across the social media companies, all using the ADL as their “trusted flagger” and corporate policy influencer, to shut down conservative and progressive voices challenging the official narrative.

The head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL, the Zionist secret police) is on record as saying “We need to shut it down” (free speech on social media).

Had President Trump used 9/11 2018 to announce criminal grand juries for both 9/11 and Sandy Hook, along with presidential overturning of all national security warrants allowing everyone to lie “legally” and also introduced both the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigative Act and #UNRIG: Election Reform Act, we would be in a different place today.

The Synagogue bombing was a false flag attack and the alleged bodies either do not exist or were stacked up and preserved over the year to be used for a theatrical burial intended to enshrine the ADL as the curator of all speech across the USA.

This was an act of desperation for which planning began in 2017. In January of 2018 two things happened under the stewardship of the ADL: the patsy was ordered to join Gab and begin make hateful statements about Jews (intelligent people know that Zionist are traitors and subversives who believe in apartheid and genocide, while Jews are people of faith who wish to live in peace with others — when Ha'aretz headlines an article “Is It Time for All Jews to Boycott Israel?” the distinction is sharply drawn by the most responsible observer of the Israeli condition — Zionists bad, Jews good.

I am inclined to think that the crude fake mail bombs were done by the Zionists (out of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's neighborhood under the direction of ubber Zionist Sheriff Israel) to take the pressure off Saudi Arabia in relation to the Khoshoggi matter. Israel depends on Saudi money as much as it does on US money (and the US on Saudi money).  Whatever the origins of the Khashoggi matter — I continue to think it was intended to spark a US blessing for a coup by Bandar and Turki against MBS —  the fake bombs did the job: the Mainstream Media (MSM) followed the desired narrative, dropped Khashoggi from the agenda, and focused on the bombs.

The Synagogue false flag is both more subtle and more pernicious. The Zionists have been accustomed to having their way with us (remember, we are all shiksas, gentile girls, no better than whores to be used as they wish). I would point out that the nine million Reform and Progressive  Jews in the USA are “lesser Jews” while the ten million Pentecoslalists are not only officially non-human but have been bribed and brain-washed with the false story of Israel.

In my view, Benjamin Netanyahu is very close to being terminated by his own people, and the pernicious parasitic influence of Zionists in the USA — these are people who use pedophilia and murderous pedophilia blackmail to get their way when a simple bribe will not do — is on its way to eradication.

The Synagogue false flag is a desperate attempt to get middle America  to go along with fascist (corporate) censorship of social media so as to keep the Zionist myths going and protect the Deep State including the banks that will be held accountable for the Great Depression at some point — that was a contrived national economic collapse with the complicity of Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Gab was executed by design.  It is a pity Go-Daddy lacks ethics and is not committed to Free Speech, but Go-Daddy has never been anything other than a low rent fringe element and they probably received a bribe from the ADL as part of the deal. We need to demand a racketeering investigation of all concerned across #GoogleGestapo, and we need to accelerate public demands for the loss of non-profit status and the declaration of foreign agent status for both ADL and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Neither China nor Iran nor Russia represent the closest and most imminent threat to America. The Deep State (Zionist Israel, and its agents — not to be confused with Jews — are the clear and present danger right here at home, along with the Vatican and its pedophile priests and the Rothchilds and their control over the Federal Reserve).  They are traitors among us. They must be eradicated by a most aggressive ethical, legal, overt campaign led by the Attorney General.

This will be an election issue in 2020.  St.


Shutting down Gab was one of three objectives for this false flag event organized by the ADL and FEMA. The other two objectives are the false justification for massive taxpayer financial grants to “secure” synagogues across America, and post-poning the Day of Atonement for 9/11.

Below the author points out that the patsy had equally vile accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but only Gab was targetted for shut-down. The Attorney General is severely remiss in not enforcing the 1st Amendment and in not opening a RICO investigation of every element of #GoogleGestapo but particularly the ADL — legal discovery should be done on every call and every email via a special tasker to NSA.  Bill Binney could do this fairly quickly and inexpensively with Thin Thread.

Attack on Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free

Left-Wing ‘Deplatform Hate’ Threatens Payment Processor Stripe over Terms of Service


As reported by an Alert Reader from Pittsburgh today.

“I have sources on the ground embedded near the Synagogue and they've only seen one(1) Coroners van in the back and did not see one(1) black bag leaving thus far. All for show…”

Phi Beta Iota: Another Alert Reader reports that FEMA Attorney recently lectured a university class and told them that FEMA personnel are not subject to supoena.  This appears to confirm our view that FEMA is now the Gestapo, and using national security waivers to get away with murder and more.

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Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax by Miles Mathis


Jewish burial society joins the false flag narrative team — this one seems designed to energize Jewish voters across the USA against President & the white supremacist “bogeyman.” Noteworthy: grossly exaggerated carnage reports including damage to sacred Jewish object.  No photos, not allowed to describe scenes. This is total BULLSHIT.

Their Bloods Cry Out From the Ground

The team tasked with the ritual preparation of the bodies of the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre lean on thousands of years of Jewish martyrdom

According to officials and others who’ve been inside, there is blood in multiple areas, on multiple surfaces, and bullet holes riddling multiple areas, including some of the holiest artifacts of Jewish life.

Unlike in Israel, where the 2014 stabbing at a synagogue in Har Nof and the 2008 attack at the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva were each reported in news outlets alongside pictures of blood-stained prayer books and blood-soaked steps and bloodied prayer shawls, there has been no visual horror to add to our emotional horror. We cannot see their blood, as everyone involved is under strict orders by the FBI to say and show nothing of the scene inside. “The hardest part of what we do is that we can’t tell people what we’ve seen and experienced here,” one chevra kadisha member said to me. “I wish people could know and see what had happened here.”



Excellent analysis by Kevin Barrett of why Zionists have no problem killing Jews for the cause…(or faking it). New connections between synagogue false flag and fake bomb false flag.

Why Bibi LOVES the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

If it didn't exist, he would have had to invent it

Netanyahu is a gangster. “Israel” is a global shakedown racket. The so-called state of Israel is in fact a huge river of dirty money flowing into Occupied Palestine. That money is literally “scared up” all over the world by Jews who are terrorized into believing that the Zio gangster state is all that is standing between them and a new set of gas chambers.

Israel’s perennial problem: Jews are doing fine all over the world. They have no reason to go to Israel. They have no reason to send money to Israel. They have no reason to make themselves unpopular in their homelands by bleeding those homelands dry on behalf of Israel.

In fact, American Jews don’t even have any good reason to support US wars for Israel. Polls show that American Jews, more than any other US ethnic group, oppose the 9/11-triggered terror wars on Israel’s enemies.

That’s right: If it were up to American Jews, we’d be 7 trillion dollars richer, and 32 million Muslims would be still alive.

So Netanyahu’s gangster state has one overwhelmingly difficult “national security” imperative: Terrorize the world’s Jews, or at least enough of the rich and powerful ones, into maintaining the money flow. That issue is existential. Everything else is just details.

That’s why Israel and its minions flood with the world with Holocaust (TM) propaganda. That is why they create and maintain “anti-Semitic” hate groups. That is why they regularly organize false flags to create an illusion of widespread anti-Jewish hatred and violence. And that is why they cheer and dance and celebrate when 3,000 people are murdered in the World Trade Center, or eleven people are murdered in a synagogue in Pennsylvania.

The State of Israel has an atrocious record of committing horrific acts of terrorism against Jews all over the world to scare up warm bodies and support for Zionism.

Read full article.

See Also: Comment at the above link reproduced below

Debbie Does Broward:  DWS, Chabad and False Flag Attacks In America by Rich Scheck

A series of troubling coincidences appear to connect Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Broward County, Florida and Chabad Jewry to recent attacks in America. This raises the question whether Broward has somehow become the epicenter of false flag events.

A brief effort at connecting some dots indicates this is a possibility:



“Also, one of the rabbis at the Pittsburgh synagogue, Alvin Berkun, has a son, Jonathan Berkun, who is the rabbi at a synagogue in Aventura, Florida—the same city the fake mail bomber is from.  His synagogue participated in a bomb plot psyop in 2016. In addition, Jonathan Berkun’s wife Rabbi Lauren Berkun is the director of the Shalom Hartman Institute, a leading center for Jewish advocacy.  On its website, we see the Institute includes the Center for Israeli-Jewish Identity, and we are told this Center includes “senior officers in the Israeli Defense Forces”. Which tells us Mossad is probably involved in coordinating these fake events in the US. Given that, we may assume Rabbi David Hartman, the founder of the Institute, likely had ties to Israeli Intelligence back to the 1970s or before.  Hartman was an advisor to Zevulun Hammer, Israeli Minister of Education, and also to several Prime Ministers.”\3.

The reports by independent journalist Yoichi Shimatsu provide the broad context for what is happening in South Florida and elsewhere.\


The  Synagogue opened for business as usual very quickly — too quickly for it to have actually the site of a mass casualty with all the bio-hazards that creates. Although they have put out a cover story, to wit that a special Jewish team came in to recover all body elements including blood for proper burial, their own account of this is far-fetched and not credible.  Bottom line: they are in business as if nothing had happened, which is exactly what we think happened: NOTHING. This was classic covert operations theater/drill that is now propaganda legal only because the Smith-Mundt Act was gutted by Obama.

Note the conflicting cover stories.  The first claims the Pittsburgh folk don't know how to do the ritual collecting, while the second says (more credibly if it were true) that the ritual collecting is an entirely local operations. Bottom line: lies in support of a false flag operation organized by the ADL with FEMA's hearty appreciation.

Brooklyn group to collect blood of synagogue shooting victims for burial

Their Bloods Cry Out From the Ground

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