Robert Steele: President Trump’s Emergent Dementia – Ketone Ester Could Put Him Back on Top

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

My interview with Angie & Jim Blake of Victurus Libertas is the first time I have mentioned my concern that President Donald Trump might be suffering early signs of dementia (which means nothing more than a loss of some degree of mental agility), and it brought out all the trolls. The facts are clear.  The President, who turned 72 on 14 June of this year, is no longer the math whiz and machine gun fire thinker that he once was. I have this from both published sources and people who talk to him regularly.  This is NORMAL.  He passed a cognitive test and that is good but in no way does  that reduce the need for remediation as the brain ages.

The good news is that a company located here in Washington DC may have the answer; the ketone ester. “sports” drink from

Ketones are an emergency fuel source the body can make naturally, from your fat stores, but only after multiple days of fasting. This drink can mimic the benefits of a 5 day fast, in only 15 minutes.

This ketone ester (not to be confused with the inferior salt loaded ketone products on Amazon) has been extensively tested including five years of research with DARPA and it meets FDA GRAS safety standards. The ketone ester is not a medicine or even a supplement, it is a new type of food and fuel source. It has been used successfully on a wide variety of adults ranging from biohackers seeking a cognitive advantage over their peers, to people with advanced Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

(Image: Alzheimer's’ “Clock Test” before and after using coconut oil, ketone ester is 10x stronger)

Dr. Mary Newport, after initially using coconut oil, switched to the same ketone ester ingredient to treat her husband for several years. He was suffering from advanced Alzheimer's, and she documented stunning results. Shortly after he began taking the ketone ester, he was able to dress himself for the first time in months. In her paper published in the US National Library of Medicine, she wrote “During the ensuing year, additional gradual improvement occurred in gait, social participation, word finding and recall of recent events.”

Dr. Dale Bredesen one of the world's leading Alzheimer's researchers and author of The Bredesen Protocol has begun testing the ketone ester from KetoneAid “because of the effects on cognition” and that the ketone ester “really gets you rolling.” (see min 6:41 in Naturalstacks‘ interview).

Non diseased people can benefit as well. Biohacker Bob Troia a healthy adult posted a 21% improvement in overall cognition across all 5 categories of Lumosity brain games. Interview here (and below).

How does it work? The ketone ester fuel source bypasses the glucose impairment in most aging adult brains, allowing the brain to be fully fueled. Depending on the extent of the impairment, the results can be subtle or stunning. While the drink can be used without a ketogenic diet, at least curbing carbs will increase the benefits.

If the rumors about President Trump are true, this is a safe way to get him back on top of his game.

The price, once thousands of dollars, and only affordable for Tour De France athletes, just dropped to a fraction of what it once was. Some take as little as $5 worth a day (which is what I use myself), while other may benefit with five times more of it.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  Deal with it. I serve the President, and the Republic, to the extent anyone cares to listen. I strongly support keeping the President healthy so he can serve a second term.

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