SPECIAL: Nuclear Emergency in Texas — Possible Deep State Zionist False Flag (Framing Saudis) for Stealing Weapons Grade Nuclear Pits

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This could be as minor as a routine alarm over a car emitting alarming signatures and as major as a successful theft of weapons grade nuclear materials.  I tend to think that this is either being way overblown OR it is a Zionist attempt to frame the Saudis just as they framed Muslims for 9/11 — they see 9/11 Truth looming and are terrified.  Houston is a major Mossad center of operations and in my view, if there is a worst case, the Zionists are central to the narrative. If there is a lesson, it is how open (vulnerable) the Pantex nuclear materials plant is. I doubt they could stop a serious attack from the air or even an 18 wheeler loaded.

Afterthought: this is reported to have been the place where the Zionists stole the nuclear artillery pits used in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Exclusive/Breaking: Did Saudi’s Just Rob Pantex, Did They Steal a Dozen H Bombs?


The Pantex nuclear weapons facility in Texas was just locked down … it took a while for them to explain why

Wikipedia / Pantex Plant

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