Robert Steele: Has the Deep State Used NATO to Make War with Russia Inevitable? Should President Trump Recall General Scaparotti & Suspend Trident Juncture by 15 November? UPDATE 3: Putin Likely To Raise Issue in Paris on Sunday

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Norway, whose Constitution constrains the use of its territory as a base for military operations threatening to Russia, now appears to be the final card to be played by the Deep State using NATO to make war with Russia possible. Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 comes at the end of eighteen other NATO exercises with Eastern European countries and could not be more provocative.

Below is a lengthy essay from an Alert Reader in Norway.

I view with grave concern his revelation that General Scaparroti has moved nuclear-capable artillery into Norway (and probably into multiple Eastern European countries as well).

The Deep State wants war — if we leave the rogue elements of the US military free to stage exercises such as Trident Juncture, and the rogue (GLADIO) elements free to stage false flags, war with Russia is not just possible, it may be inevitable.

In my view, the President should recall General Scaparotti to Washington for “consultations” and keep him here until after Thanksgiving, while withdrawing all US forces from participation in Trident Juncture.  No nuclear artillery shells should be allowed out of the long-term storage bunkers.

1400 8 Nov: I have just been told President Vladimir Putin is likely to raise his concerns about General Scaparotti's provocations and the danger of a false flag loose salvo combination, to President Donald Trump when they meet in Paris this Sunday, 11 November. They do not have a formal meeting scheduled. This will be a passing hand-shake. President Putin speaks English well enough to whisper his concerns to President Trump, when they shake hands.

Essay by Alert Reader from Norway:


Why are The Deep State and the Mainstream Media (MSM) massively taking on President Trump – actually? Is there a RATIONAL reason behind the massive resources being used to drive these campaigns to “dump Trump”?

Of course there is – but only IF we're able to view the world from the standpoint of the Global Bankster Elite and their agenda – hiddden behind their co-ordination of the banksters, agents and handlers of the the US Deep-staters and their MSM. Who all are – in their own compartments – serving the very same, Swiss-Vatican Global Cabal, – still based in Central Europe where their immense, UNPARALELLED wealth have been a SOLE and unrivaled POWER-BASE across the last five centuries.


This immense wealth in gold, silver and emeralds was based on the Roman looting of the old Civilizations of the World – where such treasures were accumulate over millenia.  Consequently  the HRE could buy up the British Empire and USE its US Crown Colony to build an army able to complete their old, wet plan from Midieval Rome – to Rule The World.

Controlled from the Alps the extreme wealth of the Cabal have been used to control all of the Catholic World, as well as the UK, the EU and the US. The latter becoming their most rich and useful colony – able to empower their Global Network of Corporate Control with the help of the US Military Machine. Consequently the Cabal can direct the entire network of the BIS/IMF/CEB/FED, as well as the intelligence and secret operations run through the IC of NATO and Israel. Not to mention their corrupted goons in the Atlantic Council, the CFR and the Congress, as well as in London, Lyon and Lucerne.

Today they control all banking, financing and thus most ECONOMIC TRADE around the world. But WHY is the Roman Oligarchy so furious, if not desperate, about a billionaire like Trump as the President of their US Crown Colony?!


Their main reason is simply that Trump is not a Hitlary – groomed to whack the entire US by giving “The Ultimate Order” to HIS Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff to conquer Russia – the only large nation still outside the Vatican-Swiss Bankster Empire. Trump and his administration may even prioritize the needs of the US POPULATION before the old, wet dreams of the old Black Nobility and launch their WW3 – throroughly planned and prepared since the days of GW Bush Sr. and in the aftermath of the Zionist planning and execution of 9/11 with the total complicity of GW Bush Sr. and his  chief henchman, Dick Cheney.

Hitlary would never have done that…

The rest of the Cabal’s Deep-Staters and MSM still go on antagonizing the US and Russia – according to their thoroughly prepared plans. They have ALREADY used billions of dollars to produce the necessary weaponry, install them along the Russian ‘perimeter' (borders) and launch “Barbarossa 2.0” – a supersonic repetition of THEIR last attempt to take FULL CONTROL of ALL of Eurasia. No way they they are going to let some civil politicians get in their way – at this stage – as ALL their thorough and costly preparations are just about to be completed – manned by their proxies within the US and NATO Military.

Since their long and thorough work to take FULL-SPECTRUM CONTROL of the US – and thus BOTH the American Continents – was completed through their ingenious agents of the Jesuit Order, such as the Dulles Brothers and all their Rockefellers – such as the Schiffs, the Harrimans and the Busharoes. By the use of a Magic Bullet from a Mauser 7.65 Special Nazi Edition, according to historians like Mullins, Marrs, Tarpley and Farrell.


Some 55 years later they are ready to COMPLETE their full-spectrum takeover of Eurasia – by a massive, supersonic blitz-attack on the Russian Military, from their newly advanced fopreposts in Fenno-Scandia, the Baltics, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. Raining missiles and rail-guns on ALL Russian infrastructure of military significance.

The new, gigantic, supersonic rail-guns hit like a meteor – completely penetrating bunker-shields and missile-silos. Thus they plan to win WW3 in a day – unless the defenceless Russians still alive like to taste the effects of the US/UK ballistic nukes – too…

Thus you have the REAL explanation behind the “East-European Rocket-Shield” – implemented since Bush Jr. Moreover you may find a logic to the fact that the first female President of the US was delayed – as they shuffled the Obama-deception into the game – to uphold the Americans with “hopey-changey” and delude the Russians with “resets” up to his second term, when it was due to start The Ultimate Stigmatization of the “monstorous and murderous” orthodox Christians populating “Rasha”, aka “Rassha” aka “Rassia”.

During the completing phase – getting the hottest rail-guns and secret weapons in place, calibrated and loaded along the Russian perimeter – the “Seven Wars” throughout the Middle East would train and groom the US/Nato-politicians to “heed the call” from the Jesuit/Swizz Bakster Cabal  and act “decisively” – and give all the necessary Orders to the High Command of The US/NATO Military Machine.


At the heart of that grooming was the darling of the US-department of The NWO – already an experienced First Lady to the most famous sleeze-ball known to inhabit the White House. As “Foreign Secretary” she even proved herself as the Perfect Witch – ready to kill whoever and however many, necessary to “do her job”. Besides – well before the Election of 2016 she had learned her most important lesson – that, quote:

“When The President Gives The Order It MUST be obeyed – and before 4 minutes it must be EXECUTED”.

Obviously, Hillary had to become a Hitlary in due time – to become the ‘perfect' Madame President in 2016. In good time for the Propaganda-Machine, called the MSM, to prepare the public with all the stigmatization needed to paint EVERYTHING Russian as evil, envious, dangerous, nefarious, obnoxious, bad and ugly as any “Alien” can get. And then launch some false-flag “Rushian attacks” – demanding some “immediate, decisive counter-action”.

Unfortunately there exist masons and generals throughout the US/NATO that don't want to be court marshalled and shot unless they activate all launch-codes and serve the corrupt, political proxies of the hidden Cabalist Masters and throw the Globe into a Thermo-Nuclear Winter – killing of MOST populations on the Northern Hemisphere. Which is why they allied with independant, non-corrupted actors within the US civil society to find a REAL, HONEST and SANE American – with no close ties to the NWO – able and ready to become the next President.


To be the NEW Commander-in-Chief – ready NOT to follow the Cabals Grand Plan – to attack Rushia before their new defence- and counter-weapons are ready installed – around 2020-2022. Thus Pentagons “all-encompasing” HAL had  – already in 2008 – been pointing to “the end of 2018” as the “optimal time” to launch – anticipating a (more than) “90% probability” to “WIN”. Not counting the “more than” one billion DEPLORABLE losers, of course.

Plans for massive NATO-Norway exercise underway

Trident Juncture: The Ultimate Test Of Military Capability

When Nazi-Germany launched “Operation Babarossa” in 1942 they had to start it in Poland. This time the fascistic Cabal “axis-powers” have got both the US and the USSR on THEIR side as well as Sweden and Finland, along with the Baltic States and Ukraine – cutting the distance to Petersburg and Moscow down to the half of what the Nazi-forces of Hitler and Mueller Sr. had to face. Finally they're ready to revenge – massively. And very, very fast – from first-strike positions VERY close to Russia and St. Petersburg…

Barbarossa 2.0: NATO opens the Baltic front

Finland’s participation in international training and exercises

During 2018 the entire NATO member states are positioning their superb soldiers and brand new, supersonic weaponry in attack-positions along the Russian perimeter – in an unparalelled amount of 15 – FIFTEEN «joint-exercises». By November 22nd the entire force should be all set, loaded and lockheeded to launch the largest fireworks ever to be known in the History of Mankind.

The New York entrepeneur recently elected President and Commander-in-Chief of the US is definitely NOT be allowed to stop them of course. In their ‘historic quest' for a FOURTH REICH – the Global Money-masters of the NWO have already proven they could start two World-Wars whatever the contemporary senators and presidents of their US crown-colony would say or do to resist it.


There are a number of US Generals, Officers and Spec-Ops long involved in the massive preparations needed to launch this historic ASSAULT. As we get close to the D-day the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff are getting all the more worried – as they have been complicit to the plans and KEEP holding the new President IN THE DARK about it – while the corrupted Deep-Staters in Langley, Congress and the MSM keep hammering him with TREASONOUS accusations. By accusing Trump of “treasonous behaviour”. Capice, Gringos?!

The USMC recently stationed in Norway – the new supersonic missiles and RAIL-GUNS – had a leak revealing the REAL REASON behind the 1,5 billion USD used for “the biggest joint-excerise in NATO's history” called “Trident Juncture”. It started 10/25/18 and is completed at the very 55th Anniversary for their successful regime-change in the US, on 11/22/63. Now it's Russia once again, which means they will kill even the president of the USA to get THEIR criminal war – of death and conquest, rape and loot – off the ground.

General Robert Neller to US troops: Expect “a big-ass fight” against Russia

2018 Commandant's Message to the Marine Corps: EXECUTE


Since General Flynn was outed as National Security Advisor President Trump's chances of discovering, exploring and really understanding the existence of a decade old programme, thoroughly preparing and implementing high-tech, weaponry and troops necessary to attack Russia in a «pre-emptive first strike» – as expressed by President Obama's new Doctrine for use of US Nukes.

Getting rid of General Flynn greatly reduced the risk that the new President would “get” that a massive preparation has taken place – from innovation to mass-production – over the last 10 years. The purpose planned underBush Sr. and executed under Bush Jr. (actually Dick Cheney himself as former Secretary of Defense and then Vice President and de facto Commander in Chief) and produced during Obama's time in the White House is no longer a secret. Today NATO's High Command in Europe is both ABLE and READY to demolish the Russian Military – as well as their nukes – in one massive, supersonic rain of missiles and rail-gun-projectiles. The meme «Operation Barbarossa 2.0» is already some years old, but the reality of it is not meant to be revealed before it's TOO LATE for any power outside the NATO High Command itself able to tell them anything, whatever they may see fit…


Meanwhile we observe that no general within the JCS has dared to reveal this acute reality to the new Commander-in-Chief. A good year after the inauguration it was clarified – in a press-conference at The White House – that the new President is still completely unaware of such scenarios – whatsoever.

Here is the proof, at 11.30 minutes:

Just so with the common citizens of the US as well as Europe. Thus it's funny to observe that the Russian politicians and their military heads are FAR more open, honest and responsible towards their population – explaining that «Yes, we believe that NATO is about to wage a war on Russia.». To make the point come through Putin even stressed that their own demise would be followed by the immediate destruction of all the launch-pads for the rockets reaching Russia,  besides a wider range of pre-programmed NATO-bases and capitols to be nuked back to stone-age, themselves.

To make sure the officers of NATO gets this message the Russians have made a due drill of their missile-carrying fregattes and subs in the very waters west of Mid-Norway – where Trident Joint Exercise still goes on.

Russia aims its missile drills shoulder-to-shoulder with NATO's biggest war games in years.


Does this imply that the heads of Pentagon are more afraid the illegal Deep State than they are of the legally elected President?!  What else can explain why the new US Comander-in-Chief is still in the dark about the massive preparations presently in motion, within the US as well as Europe, to launch a nuclear attack on Russia, as a reply to yet another «Russian» false flag and yet another demagogic mass-propaganda blaming of Russia for whatever it takes to justify killing them – with the cutting-edge within Weapons of Mass Destruction.

ONE YEAR into his reign – as the preparations for an all-out missile-attack on Russia is in its completion, the new Commander-in-Chief is still completely UNAWARE of it all. During Obama's 8 years the most advanced US and UK weaponry was placed all along the Russian border, clearly preparing for an all-out attack on Russia proper, just miles across the Baltic states.

The apparent ignorance of the President is obvious. Which clearly implies that the collective Join-Chiefs-of-Staff are committing a blatant act of high TREASON. One might really ask what THEY have planned for their new Commander-in-Chief, if they are about to start WW3, with or without him…


Some have some REAL explaining to do. In REAL time and as per immediately. We can't wait until the entire AWACS is flown from a bunker in Naples, as per November 15th. We better ask the war-mongers running The Atlantic Council's favourite boy in uniform, Head of NATO's High Command General Curtis Scaparotti. As he is fully in on board with their opinion of Russia as a «real threat» to «Europe's security» he has been rewarded – already – with their most revered Public Award, as this year's most «distinguished military leader»…

Presentation of 2018 Distinguished Military Leadership Award to General Curtis M. Scaparrotti

Together with General Foggo up there in The North Sea it's General Scaparotti himself that's going to conclude «Trident Juncture» – the largest «joint exercise» in the history of NATO. Presently going on in Norway, Sweden and Finland – from the Baltic to the Arctic – placing new weapon systems in the very face of Russia's central populations. Which means that most of Russia's military infrastructure can be taken out – in minutes. That possibility will be available during the last part of Trident Juncture, between November 15th and 23rd.

If just a few of Scparottis key crew is in on it, running AWACS Europe they are actually empowered to start WW3 all by themselves – during that entire week. Which is exactly why these kind of luxiourious «joint-exercises» are completely outdated – and very, very risky.

Concerning «The Safety of Europe» and the entire North Atlantic there is NO larger threat to it than the insane Money-Masters and Media-moguls able to manipulate our very governments and military to attack and destroy whatever the Club of Trillionaires – at the Jesuit board of The Knights of Malta – tell them to.

A small year later the brute General Breedlove's successor made a Black-Hat-Alert, by describing A war with Russia in the very near future – «due to Russian aggression».

NATO Ops Center Goes 24/7 To Counter Russians: Gen. Scaparrotti

Before the Jesuit-driven Nazi-Germany brutally attacked Poland Hitler proudly announced that they «would answer the Polish aggression» if their horse-ridden border-guards would continue to guard their border.


Perhaps it is time to cancel the smoke-and-mirrors of the MSM, as reflected in a «Deep State» within Congress, Senate and State – politicizing, criminalizing and weaponizing the CIA as well as the FBI and the AG/DoJ – with corrupted puppets serving the old, Swiss-guarded Money-Masters of the colonial world – such as the Bushes, the Clintons, the Schiffs, the Podestas,  the Mou'allahs and the Phoney. Not to say Comey.

All produced to BLIND both the President as well as the People. Someone better reveal this treason taking place in the US republic before it turns into a WW3 and a completed, deep-state dictatorship.  Sacking the Nazi-decendant still called Mueller and reinstating honourable generals like Mike Flynn would be a good start, to avoid the Malteese Knights long planned and thoroughly prepared nuclear war to conquer Russia and dissolve the Orthodox Church –  to finally force all Christians to obey Rome.

At the core of the world's Money-Masters we find descendants from the old Roman noblemen, since Medieval time known as the anonymous or «black» Nobility. As their restored Roman Empire, known as the Holy One, became able to cross the Atlantic their global empire grew potentially. Demanding a renewed organisation of the old Inqusition, resulting in the Jesuit Order as instituted by Loyola, still the far largest and most widely embedded Intelligence Agency in the world – instrumental to the combine of IC that occured at the end of WW2, when Operation Paperclip shuffled the most prominent brains and agents within Gestapo to the US, to be incorporated into the new «Central Intelligence Agency» – with a public, «executive office» in Virginia and numberless offices and desks around the world.

Together with the military and industrial strategists constituting The Maltese Order – where numerous US military have sworn a «higher alligance» – are able to use the US Army along with the old Axis-powers of Catholic Europe – as THEIR personal military, just as their ancestors once used Nazi-Germany. Operation «Barbarossa 2.0» is nothing but a return of an old Crime Against Humanity, as developed by fascist Italy, Spain and Germany and prosecuted by the Nüremberg Trials after WW2.

We better reinstate sanity, honesty and logic at the core of the US, the superior military power on the planet. and let the new President and his massive following re-unify America and save the US REPUBLIC from war and destruction – along with the rest of the world. Make sure our good president, senators and congressmen get to hear about this – again – to enforce a thorough check-up at Pentagon as well as Langley – demanding to be FULLY informed of the plan as well as the preparations done to launch it. Before it's executed – without any Senatorial, Congressional or Presidential discussion, even, prior to the launch…

Like Criminals, Dictators Never Ask The Public What To Do.
Like Criminals, Dictators Always Tell The Public What To Do.

To Improve The Quality Of Their Life, At The Publics Expence.

Avoid dictatorial tyrrants eradicating their own people as well as others, by covert and cunningly instigating nuclear war between super-powers. By USING Your Vote – as well as Your Eyes, Ears and Voice.

#Defend The Republic – Protect The President.

#Make America Honest Again

#RIP Seth Rich.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I salute the citizen commentary from Norway. It raises a justified alarm in part because there are elements of NATO and GLADIO that the President cannot control or even monitor. The threat of war with Russia is real. The threat of a US first strike against  Russia triggered by Cabal loyalists in NATO and DoD is real.

However, the good citizen in Norway is less aware of the probability that President Donald Trump was brought to power by White Hats within the US military and national intelligence (mostly retired) who are (I pray) capable of neutralizing a war on Russia not authorized by Congress. Indeed more and more in our military, from flag officers down to common sailors, appear to be more aware of the fact that they have a duty to refuse illegal orders and to defend the Constitution against those who would give illegal orders. On balance we consider the above essay a useful overview from the perspective of a Norwegian citizen, and we believe the President should, during his second two years, withdraw from NATO, order the immediate return of all US forces from Europe, and turn all bases now occupied by US forces in Europe over to the host countries — let  them defend themselves with our best wishes.

Afterthought: Russia and Iran are less of a threat to both the US economy and global peace than Zionist Israel.  I will repeat what I have said before: the best ally President Trump could have in taking down the Deep State — to include the nationalization of all Central Banks everywhere– is Russia followed by Iran.  Nothing the mainstream media or Washington think tanks offer us is true. WWIII started the day after the Zionists took down 9/11 with the blessings and assistance of George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney — it has been waged covertly — the election of Donald Trump began the anchor leg. The good guys are winning, praise be to God.

BENJAMIN FULFORD: I was glad to look over this material from a patriotic Norwegian citizen, and my friend and colleague Robert's comments. To all of the above I would add what most do not know: General Secretary Xi Jinping of China; President Vladimir Putin of Russia; and President Donald Trump of the USA, have all agreed they will not be tricked into World War 3 and planetary destruction. That does not provide for renegades — the worst of the U.S. generals appear to be assigned to NATO — Breedlove was insane, and bent on war against Russia, Scaparotti even more so.  It would be most salutary if President Trump were to fire General Scaparotti, as President Truman fired General McArthur, and do so no later than 15 November, while suspending the pre-war pretext for war Trident Juncture “exercise.”

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US delivers largest ammunition shipment to Europe since bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999

Russia is using EVERY trick in Putin’s book to overthrow West: NATO chief SHOCK warning

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I consider General Scaparrotti, as with General Breedlove, unstable and unsuited to command. Benjamin Fulford has it right: Scaparotti should be relieved of command and Trident Juncture cancelled with all US forces ordered home. Scaparotti, in combination with the false flag element of NATO (GLADIO) is perfectly capable of starting WWIII. President Donald Trump should deal with him the way President Harry Truman dealt with General Douglas MacArthur: “YOUR FIRED!” Scaparotti is OUT OF CONTROL.  Time to leave NATO.

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The White House correspondence system is known to be filtered and the White House polls are known to be manipulated (we have screen shots of the petition for #UNRIG losing 50 votes every second) but in this instance, we have received acknowledgement from the White House for Robert Steele's direct message to the President sounding the alarm over General Scaparotti and Trident Juncture.  Of particular concern is the possible actual movement of nuclear artillery shells from Germany to Norway as “test.”  This is as close as I want to get to a 7 Days in May rogue general starting WWIII.

The White House, Washington
November 7, 2018

Thank you for contacting the White House. We are carefully reviewing your message.

President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved. President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.


The Office of Presidential Correspondence

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