SPECIAL: California Fires, DEW Weapons UPDATE 16: Forest Fire Burns Houses & Cars But Not the Forest?

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Deep State via the US Air Force dark side….

Conclusive  Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs

Interesting…California wildfires map lines up with proposed high speed rail for California

Reference Site: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) & Contrived Fires

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UPDATE 1: Proof Video, Smart Meters?

Alert Reader A provides this video:

Alert Reader B provides this image, video, and related links:

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

UPDATE 2: Patents Precision Space-Based Microwave Firestarters

Arson by Space Weapons? SOLAREN: Directed Energy Satellites Provide California Power and Weather Control

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

UPDATE 3: Covert Feeding of Fires by US Air Force?

UPDATE 4: Bridge Melted Down the Middle

UPDATE 5: Forced Resettlement Using Arson by Microwave


It was former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, who a year ago – as other areas of California were burning in suspicious wildfires – offered the hypothesis that people were indeed being deliberately burned out of their houses and homes. The reason? The Silicon Valley plutocrats and technocrats needed to expand, and make room for hundreds if not thousands of technicians being “reshored” into the country. And they had to do so cheaply and quickly.

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Ed Jewett.

UPDATE 6: American Intelligence Media Best One Hour Video Overview

UPDATE 7: Primer on Microwave Arson Weapons

Alert Reader offers the following to explain why buildings wiped out but generally did not harm trees, lawns, and plastics largely not harmed:

It is clearly deliberate and clearly a technology that almost certainly has to be EM — it is highly selective so it is consistent with Microwaves – microwave energy at 2.45 gigahertz can be used to ignite carbon dioxide gas can create a torch. This would be cheaper and easier to produce than trying to pump megawatts through microwave dishes from something in the air. The picture below is a block diagram of torch created with 2k watts of input power — a very hot torch.  But this torch would burn the plastic .. However there is CO2 in the air.

There is a lot most people do not know about the nature of special frequencies — I have not read much about the fires only headlines and some videos from people moving away from their homes as they are burned to the ground.  We need more info — clay to build some bricks so to speak.

It would also be interesting and revealing to see if any animals died in and were not burned up (meaning they were killed by the technology and somehow failed to burn.)

We need more study of the sites — maybe looking for nuclear particles (for example depleted uranium is a super powerful burner and can be directed but it would burn the plastics) But Neutron bombs can kill biologicals and not harm plastics or buildings etc .. Somewhere in these frequencies lies the answer (Tesla would likely understand ) 🙂


Disintegration of Carbon Dioxide Molecules in a Microwave Plasma Torch

See Also:

HAARP: Weather Control

Directed Energy Airborne Lasers to Replace Bombs? Boeing Develops New Ground-Attack Weapon


Cars fried, trees green asphault pristine

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

UPDATE 8: Home Sliced in Half — This is NOT NORMAL

Note: This is from the July fires, but a startling clear indicator.


House Sliced in Half by DEW Lasers in Carr Fire?



UPDATE 9: Human Trafficking Aspect?

The Thousand Oaks and Las Vegas mass shootings, the California fires, a proposed high speed rail line which links Vegas to SoCal, and a human trafficking corridor

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Ed Jewett.

Phi Beta Iota: DEW weapons against a US citizen target is evil. There are no redeeming explanations.  Nevertheless, offered for consideration.

UPDATE 10: Video Proof of Lasers, Death Toll Being Under-Stated

Devastation of Paradise CA: A Highly Organized Terrorist Attack Where the Residents Were Prevented From Escaping Conflagration (Videos)

UPDATE 11: Proof – Seeding, DEW, Smart Meters, PG&E Complicity


Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”.

See Also:

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

UPDATE 12: Edwards AFB & Airborne Lasers + Dane Wigington

Alert Reader says:

The state of California is ground zero for airborne laser programs out of Edwards AFB in California, They test airborne lasers strobng enough to knock out a missle and perform these tests in California, the range. On these lasers means the aircraft can be 100's of miles away from the target, those on the ground would never hear nor see an aircraft during an attack. Someone with a better background on research and someone who has connections in the military could dig a little harder in that direction and make a stronger case for Directed Energy Weapons and lasers, cross referencing flights or tests out of Edwards AFB with the dates of the fires for instance.

See Also (Dane is Perhaps the Top Public Voice on all This):

Dane Wigington – Climate Engineering to Blame for Wildfires (Text)

UPDATE 13: 1 New DEW Video, 1 Alternative (Zionist Hack)

Alternative from Christopher Bollyn:

Are the California Fires (Zionist) Cyber Terrorism?

UPDATE 14: Houses, Cars Burned From Inside Out — DEW/Electrical

Alert Reader says:

…photos show buildings on fire, but exterior walls are not on fire. flames were contained by exterior walls which fell last and inward. Thus lawns and trees and shrubs between houses are un scorched by flames.  DEW created fire WAS NOT forest fire. The houses burned from inside out, as did the cars.

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

UPDATE 15: Solaren Patent Sketches, Video Admissions

CALIFORNIA ARSON: Solaren Corp. “holds key patents for transmitting microwave directed energy from space to pinpoint locations on earth”

See Updates 13 & 14, both houses and cars burned from inside out. Combined with the straight line nature of damage perimeters, it is very likely that both DEW weapons (probably from USAF aircraft not space) and deliberate loading of powerlines, smart meters, and internal electrical wires were used.

UPDATE 16: Forest Fire Burns Houses & Cars But Not the Forest?

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