Mongoose: Zion Strike 27 – US Police Pressured to End Zionist Training — Investigation May Emerge into Zionist Mind-Control of Police Trained in Israel


Alert Reader. a retired police officer, writes in…

U.S. Police Under Pressure to End Their Relationship With Israel

This is long overdue. They teach American police to empty their clips into the target as soon as they start shooting, to view every perp or possible offender as a Palestinian “little snake” terrorist as they call them. What goes around comes around. The Vatican has made the decision that Israel will be broken up, the Palestinians and all Islamics will be welcomed to Jerusalem where the Vatican will build the new temple. The cost for the Zionists (Khazarians) allowing themselves to be institutionally mind-controlled by the Cabal will be very great as their whole nation collapses around them.

As the US pulls back, the US Petro dollar dies, and Russians takes over the Mideast, there will be no one to protect Israel anymore and its brutal Apartheid and blockade against Palestinians will no longer be tolerated by the world. There is no way out for the Israelis except immediate peace. Israel can make immediate peace with Palestine, give land and settlements back to meet previous UN dictates. There is a enough exotic mineral wealth in the dead sea for all in the Mideast, no reason not to share. Israel has enough businesses to survive if they get rid of the Red Mafiya, stop being the world largest sex traffickers and whore house/perversion capital of the world.

There is more to this story. When police officials go to Israel on these all expense paid junkets, they drink the specially prepared Kool Aid which contains mind-control substances and then get flashed with certain pulsed wave emf to develop the desired mindset. Plus the cultural mind-control is very effective too, all the movies and testimonies on terror, most of which are prepared by the Israeli Intel services themselves thorough mind-control patsies. Plus many police chiefs receive large payoffs for praising this training and allowing the ADL into their police departments as both an organizer and penetration of police communications and plans.


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