Berto Jongman: Klaus Schwab (Davos) in Foreign Affairs, Robert Steele Responds… UPDATE 1

Berto Jongman

Globalization 4.0

A New Architecture for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

ROBERT STEELE: Klaus Schwab could righfully be called the maitre d' of the Deep State and its varied Shadow Governments. While pedophilia and other perversions are also to be found at the World Economic Forum, it can reasonably be called the intellectual book end to the Bohemian Grove.

In 2,758 words Klaus makes a last-ditch attempt to justify glabalization through fascism (corporate control), never mind that globalization has produced 26 individuals who own as much as the 3.8 billion poorest all together.

A few things jump out at me:

01 Schwab pretends that governments  are in charge, “supported by civil society and businesses.” This is of course bullshit. The Deep State (Rothschilds, Vatican, Chabad supremacists) is making the decisions, and all governments are generally whores taking money for services rendered.

02 Schwab whines that “the free-market consensus is unraveling.” There is nothing fair about “free” trade that savages the worker, sidelines or subverts economies, governments, and societies, and ultimately loots entire countries for the benefit of the few. Schwab may have heard the term “true cost economics” but no doubt he considers it academic fluff, having nothing to do with the real world where  money buys immunity from all forms of atrocity.

03 Schwab claims that American works enjoyed some “golden years of globalization.” This also is bullshit. The Great Depression — contrived by the banks with the active complicity of Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is the true measure of “globalization.” Add to that the Viet-Nam war, 9/11 as an “open secret” (the Zionists shlonging the shiksas), the Iraq War based on 935 lies orchestrated by Dick Cheney aka VICE, the $43 trillion sucked out of the US economy and including the $250 billion and 200 nuclear weapons for Zionist Israel — and let's not forget the 26 individuals — with the active complicity of all governments — controlling Central Banks and ultimately controlling as much wealth as 3.8 billion people whose shit should be burying these 26 individuals — and you have the full measure of globalization.  For icing look at eugenics through vaccines, geoengineering, and 5G as a weapons systems, and you begin to get a grasp of the depth and breadth of maitre Schwab's depraved delusions.

04 Schwab gets one point right — “growth rates  are dismal” — but this is offset by his refusal to recognize or respect the fact that we should not be pursuing growth rates with a Western economic model designed to be 50% waste and 90% profit for the 1% elite that own the banks — we should be striving to conserve, to distribute, to elevate with what Buckminster Fuller called ephemeralism and what I call Open Source Everything Economics (OSEE).

05 Schwab is an insouciant asshole (perhaps a tautalogical redundancy, but I digress) when he writes “Populists and protectionists feed on these ills, and their solutions have about them the rosy glow of nostalgia.”  He follows that up with his best platitude: “From here on out, decisive competitive advantages in the global economy will stem less from low-cost production and much more from the ability to innovate, robotize, and digitalize.”  Utter crap.  The true cost of what he imagines includes — demands — the elimination of two  thirds of the world's population (e.g. the Chinese dead of lukemia contained in each smart phone) — all those “useless eaters.”

06 Schwab asserts that “the Fourth Industrial Revolution is best described by its leading technologies: artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things.” Not a word about holistic analytics and true cost economics, both of which make it quite clear that everything Schwab is asserting embraces, as a non-negotiable pre-requisite, the end of families, communities, countries, cultures — all those pesky soul-defining value-oriented networks that live and love at no cost to anyone else.

07 Schwab is clinically insane when he says that “the production and exchange of physical goods matters less and less each year.” Nothing could matter more because we are now at the tipping point between centralized control focused on looting the world, and the need to eliminate the true costs associated with the digital tsunami — and I do not suppose for one instance  that Schab understands — or cares — that we process 1% of what we collect and collection 1% of what we know.  An excellent contrast to Schwab, who I will venture to say is completely lacking in intelligence, integrity, and imagination as I conceive of them, is to be found in Nassim Nicholas Taleb, whose books, Skin in the Game and Anti-Fragile particularly, are a moral and intellectual cattle prod up the ass of the likes of Schwab. Read my reviews of those two books at the links to appreciate the brilliance (and integrity) of Taleb, not to be found anywhere in Schwab's moral and mental universe.

08 Schwab deepens my scorn and disdain for his “manifesto” when he says “competition will be based less on cost-effectiveness and more on the ability to innovate.” There is nothing cost-effective about any aspect of the Western fascist corporate model so ably represented by 26 most wealthy and all those who serve them. [For those ignorant of the definition of true cost economics, it is not only inclusive of all aspects of ecological economics both short and long term, but also social economics — if you breed idiots and substitute rare earth robots for skilled humans, you will eventually rot in every possible way.]

09 Schwab's true colors are epitomized in the following sentence: “In this new environment, the world is a company’s oyster.” His chosen “role model” for a “successful” company entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Amazon. No shit. Amazon is ten times more toxic than Google which was ten times more toxic than Microsoft which was ten times more toxic than IBM.

10 Schwab discusses the magic of the digital era, that allows select corporations to scale to a billion users while observing — with some deception — that the world is dividing into the few who are highly skilled and highly paid and the many who are low skilled and low paid. He avoids the fact that most of those who think they are high skilled and highly paid are in fact slaves to the 26 people that own the world and the 2600 or so that manage the world on their behalf.

11 Schwab warms my heart once and once only, when he points out that US workers are the ones who will be hardest hit by automation, but rather the workers of Bangladesh, the Philipppines, or Viet-Nam [he uses the Americanized “Vietnam” — having been there from 1993-1997, it continually pisses me off that Americans do not respect the original, Việt Nam.]

12 Schwab misleads and titillates with the following that I quote in full:

Making matters worse, digitization has opened the floodgates to information and disinformation alike. Algorithms, not humans, now determine much of what we see and read. Disinformation campaigns distorted recent elections in the West, and similar things are happening around the world. Citizens’ trust in their government leaders, their judiciaries, and the media is at or near an all-time low.

I am quite sure Schwab is totally familiar with the lengths to which the elite have gone to control both the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the social media that I have accurately labeled #GoogleGestapo; the importance of the corrupt secret intelligence communities and their covert action staffs skilled at devising fake news and discrediting “truthers,” and I find his assertion that disinformation campaigns have distorted recent elections in the West — he is clearly referring to Russia, which is a falsehood, rather than to the United Kingdom, Hillary Clinton, and John Brennan, all indictable for crimes against humanity as well as localized disinformation.

13 Schwab concludes his sad manifesto with what he calls cornerstones of a new order — he is frantically delusional in stating that “The potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution dwarfs even the progress made during the three previous industrial revolutions combined.” The reverse is true. While he calls for fresh thinking he clearly means “old thinking in new forms.” He sums up everything that we must all oppose when he states that “the Fourth Industrial Revolution is even more borderless, interconnected, and interdependent than the global economy of integrated supply chains.” He disembles in speaking to the need for governments to govern  the security of cyber-space — as the author of the original warning letter to the US Government in 1994, I have to wonder just what Schwab has been thinking about since then — obviously not about cyber-security. He ends with a whimper — the “guiding principles” glorify the two most failed institutions on the planet (other than the North Atlantic Treaty Organization): the United Nations and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Good-bye, Schwab. Your fifty years are up.

Read full article by Schwab (for as long as Foreign Affairs leaves it open).


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