Graphic: System Crash Fundamentals

03 Economy


Charles Hughes Smith says:

01 BIG Recession is coming.

02 There is time to prepare.


In the Deep Mid-Winter

Sometimes nations just lose their shit. The complex collapse of American life proceeds as the public and its leaders fail to comprehend the forces in play. What the Federal Reserve actually accomplished with its ten years of extend-and-pretend policy was not an economic “recovery,” but a degenerative disease of the social contract. If you look more closely, you can sense what will be unleashed when the ground thaws.

Phi Beta Iota: While he is absolutely right, and David Stockman is also sounding the alarm, what neither of them may be calculating is the end of the Deep State, the nationalization of Central Banks, and the re-booting of the economy from the bottom up.  We're not ready to give up on President Donald Trump, and pray that he moves aggressively to restore the economy to the control of and benefit of the 99%. The calculated corruption of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street — and the Zionists that are  their underbelly and enforcer — cannot be overstated.  As Daniel Estulin put it so brilliantly in his interview with Greg Hunter, we have to back Trump or lose it all.

Greg Hunter's Text Summary

Tip of the Hat to Zero Hedge.


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