Robert Steele: Lee Wanta — A Good Man Lost? UPDATE 7 Dismissal of AmeriTrade and Michael C. Cottrell

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Recently I visited Lee Wanta and we had a talk over lunch and then at a place whose location I will never reveal, where he lives and works. In this photo taken with his permission, the Trump cap is my gift to him, the Navy cap is from one of his special missions long ago.

I was not going to discuss all of this ever in public — my objective in visiting was to help Lee Wanta and his family, help our President, and help our public treasury, but recently a defamatory and rather stupid alternative media crap piece has been published [UPDATE 6: taken down by the author ]

Wanta Forced to Flee! Refuses $1 Billion Offer to Sell Out USA! Heneghan

Some of the writing about me at the above link [was] defamatory and legally liable.  My life is open, start at

It was Gordon Duff, a fellow veteran and Senior Editor at Veterans Today, who introduced me to Lee Wanta whom he has known for decades, with the intent of applying my intelligence to Lee's persistent problem.

Between them, Lee Wanta and Gordon Duff know so much vital but very classified information, both of them clearly dedicated to saving the US from the storm that's coming.  Year after year, America's economy is looted while fake wars kill millions around the world and leave America's streets and cemeteries strewn with America's castaways, the veterans that fight to defend freedom and end up chattel to the Deep State…. We three — and others — share the goal of ending elective wars that are nothing more than profit centers for the Deep State.

My goal was and remains simple: to connect Lee Wanta, and what he knows about trillions in off-shore wealth that could be brought home, to the President. The primary obstacle at this time is Lee Wanta himself.

After discussing this with Lee Wanta as well as Gordon Duff and one other top gun, I offer the following:

Here is my report.

01 Lee Wanta is authentic. While I have not personally examined all of the documentation he has available to him, his overall account strikes me as credible and worthy of a proper deposition by someone trusted by President Trump.

02 Lee Wanta is losing it. In the course of four hours, two of them at his home office, he kept printing stuff off for me that in the end was mixed garbage repeated three times.

03 Lee Wanta says that Eric Trump has been sniffing around him to include direct telephone calls, but gave up on him.  I can understand why.

04 Whoever is sending emails out from “Ambassador Lee Wanta” is totally discrediting Lee, a good man who may now be on the verge of losing sight of the reality of the possible and thus any hope of recovering any amount of money for his good family to inherit. I believe everyone receiving those emails has relegated them to spam.

05 While Lee Wanta claims to have court findings in his favor, the one court case he gave me, which I happened to be familiar with from my past life in CIA, was  that of a Soviet couple that defected and wanted CIA to reinstate payments to them when  their existing sources of income established with CIA help in the beginning, collapsed.  CIA was under no obligation to do so. I have seen no evidence at all that George Tenet every validated Lee Wanta's status as an agent (not a government employee — we are called officers).

06 In my view Lee Wanta is incorrect in believing that the trillions of dollars are his. Had Lee been a Non-Official Cover (NOC) officer, or even a contractor buying and selling rubles as an agent of the US Government (which I believe he did do and do very well), the money belongs to the public. I do believe a case can be made that there are trillions of dollars in off budget earnings that were created in an act ordered by President Ronald Reagan and/or George H. W. Bush that should revert to the US Treasury with an appropriate recovery fee to Lee Wanta.

07 In my view Lee Wanta has one shot at giving his family a billion dollar or even ten billion dollar inheritance, and that is to work with Eric Trump and Jefferson Sessions, still my favorite, to get to a spread sheet that can be acted upon so as to recover trillions for the US Treasury (not the Federal Reserve). Time is running out — making this deal now, before 1 March 2019, would be most beneficial to Lee's family and to the President and the public.

I will always be ready to help Lee Wanta, but on his present course all he has is stacks of paper,  totally disorganized, that he keeps printing and emailing over and over and over again. There is a pot of gold, but he has no idea how to get it and will not listen to those who do.


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There are those who feel strongly that Lee Wanta is a thief and was part of a conspiracy set in motion when GHW Bush was Director of the CIA and weaponized bank fraud. We know that Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan later ran a Gold War against Russia that was laundered ($240B worth) via the contrived 9/11 false flag operation that was commercial insurance fraud as well as an atrocity and obstruction of justice (the deliberate destruction of all SEC and other investigative files in WTC 7 which was not hit by anything.

Below, with a tip of the hat to Phantom Phixer, is the most negative version of the Lee Wanta story:

OPERATION STILLPOINT … to take down the United States, by Christopher Story (RIP), 7 January 2010

From where I sit, there is no dispute with respect to Lee Wanta's authenticity or the existence of trillions in offshore money that could be recovered by President Donald Trump and the US Treasury if this is managed correctly.

Clearly there have been great crimes committed under the direction of successive CIA Directors including GHW Bush and Leon Panetta (who also murdered multiple SEALS by authorizing a mission against a known fake Bin Laden, and also lost his nerve on Benghazi). This all appears to merit a criminal grand jury commissioned by the US Attorney General.

I am remiinded that Bill Casey is in this mix as Ronald Reagan's Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).

This is relevant because Casey was a wizard at economic structuring to achieve tax and regulatory avoidance. I believe this means that he was also a wizard at offshore financial operations and import-export tax avoidance.

Lee Wanta should be — with the utmost courtesy and comfort but also the utmost rigor — be totally debriefed and every piece of paper in his garage scanned and processed toward understanding. A spreadsheet must be created of all alleged accounts, amounts, dates, names, places.

This has not been done. Instead people have been killed and Wanta himself has been illegally jailed and moved around various jails by law enforcement people acting on fraudulent papers created by corrupt judges and prosecutors. Wanta should be in a witness protection program and squeezed for every fact he can muster with a “Presidential Interest” stamp on the whole matter.

When all is said and done, and assuming the good intentions of President Reagan with respect to high speed rail and veterans programs and other major investments are verified, the bulk of the monies should be recovered by the US Treasury, allocated as the President sees fit (possibly without requiring Congressional approval if they can be said to be earnings on Executive investments) and Lee Wanta and his family amply rewarded with no less than one billion and no more than ten billion dollars tax free in perpetuity.

Additional References:

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Coming soon: single PDF for entire biography (book) on Wanta


A retired senior intelligence officer has read the negative reference above and informs me that it is his understanding that Christopher Story was captured and controlled early on and turned against Wanta; Storysubsequently appears to have been assassinated with a weaponized virus.

From where I sit, Lee Wanta is legitimate and operated with the best of intentions. I am a fan of Bill Casey and before him William Colby, and I scorn GHW Bush, George Tenet, and Leon Panetta.


One of the wonderful things about the open source world is that collective intelligence kicks into gear (unfortunately so does collective stupidity as evinced by the clowns that are defaming me without a clue).

Preston James

The below reference crafted by Dr. Preston James has been provided to me by another retired senior intelligence officer and is the definitive audio recording proving that Lee Wanta and his program were considered a plum target for hijacking by former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad.

Recording Only: Listen Here

The entire article is worth reading, it is the single most concise and most positive summary of Ambassador Lee Wanta's accomplishments and the vision of peace and constructive engagement that President Ronald Reagan and DCI William Casey contrived together — it is not to be confused with the high crimes of GHW Bush and Leon Panetta, or the Gold War criminal actions of George Tenet, Buzzy Krongard, and John Brennan.


For information: not only are the Chinese in the lead on high speed rail, but Buckminster Fuller met with the Russians to discuss the below graphic — a seamless global network for energy showing how all land points could be connected; this same concept could be used for high speed rail.

In my humble opinion, Xi, Putin, and Trump are now a tri-umverate, they know it, their staffs do not get it, we are well on our way to 1,000 years of world peace and prosperity that kicked off in 2012.

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Update 4, provided by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veteran's Today, provides a short introduction (above) and a minor change to our evaluation of the twits defaming me (also above).


The clowns have published again; REDACTED has received a legal “cease and desist” warning that includes Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb.

FBI Division 5 Tried To Kill Wanta! Heneghan

[UPDATE 6: taken down by the author ]


Both defamatory posts have been taken down by the author after I brought this post and the facts to his attention.  I don't like lawsuits — it is annoying to do transcripts and the federal courts moves like shit on a very cold day — but I have a multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit active now and I know how to defend myself against those who would defame me.


Lee Wanta is a good man, no question. He appears to have been a low-level sheriff elevated by the Reagan Administration to the heights of access, and did some good things.  Michael C. Cottrell and AmeriTrade appear to be total zeros with no substance at all.  Below is the most effective summary of why we see it that way.

Leo Wanta Update (12-12-06): Who is Michael C. Cottrell?

We do not publicize interviews by click-bait morons that glorify frauds and postures, but have posted this update because that is precisely what has led to a resurgence of visits to this post. Nobody does homework anymore. Nobody cares about quality control for vacuous interviews without merit.

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