BREAKING: Trump Team Losers On Venezuela UPDATE 1: Aid Trucks Act of War

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Update 27. February 2019: (vf)  The Orinoco Tribune collected the most important points raised by the Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs Arreaza in yesterday's UN Security Council meeting on the US-instigated crisis targeting Venezuela:

  1. The constitutional president is Nicolas Maduro.
  2. Colombia serves as platform for an aggression against Venezuela.
  3. The US is organizing and leading the aggression against Venezuela.
  4. I salute the intelligence information provided by Cuba and Russia in relation to US Army Special forces mobilization in the Caribbean and about US government and corporations trying to acquire weapons and ammunition in Easter European countries to arm the extremist right wing opposition in Venezuela
  5. This weekend a very well organized operation was carried out on the border with Colombia to violate the sacred sovereignty of Venezuela and our law enforcement was able to contain it without using extreme force. They use the “gradual and proportionate use of force” protocol to address each aggression.
  6. Colombians and Venezuelans attacked our law enforcement officers with the complicity of the Colombian Police.
  7. The trucks with the supposed humanitarian aid that were burned caught fire because of the attack from the Colombian side with Molotov cocktails they were throwing at the Venezuelan National Guard.
  8. A False Flag operation occurred when supposed humanitarian aid personal used the Red Cross insignia without permission and that was denounced by the Red Cross itself.
  9. I said to Mr. Abrams and repeat it here: The coup failed. Read my lips: It failed.
  10. We have to solve our differences and we are willing to negotiate with the opposition. We embrace the Montevideo Mechanism. Just tell us where to meet, and we will go there with our Constitution in hand. Even elections are on the table but that should be something agreed to at a negotiation table and not a precondition for negotiations.
  11. Federica Mogherini, the Head of the EU Foreign Affair, defined the US Aid strategy as not really filling into the legal concept of humanitarian aid.
  12. The Security Council’s obligation is not to promote war but to prevent wars.
  13. We along with the Russian delegation are proposing the adoption of a resolution AT LEAST rejecting the use of force. It also should reject the looting of assets and resources by the US and England that total 18 billion dollars since august 2018 and we are not counting the seizure of CITGO valued in billions of dollars, but we know that might be asking too much.
  14. We have seen the results of US military intervention in other countries and we can not understand how Juan Guaido himself presents the US military invasion option as an alternative when all of us know that the bombs do not differentiate between chavista and opposition people or between rich and poor. We have seen it in Iraq, Libya and Syria…wherever the US go they leave a real humanitarian crisis.
  15. We are investigating the event in the border with Brazil. That was another setup operation. A group of armed opposition criminals tried to assault a post of the National Guard. The details are not clear but we are investigating.
  16. This situation is also a result of the internal politics inside of the US.
  17. Venezuela was attacked and some speakers from the UN pretend to portray us as the aggressor. Our law enforcement agents are admirable because they could contain the aggression without human losses besides the situation in Santa Elena de Uairen.
  18. Trump has stated that if the latino migrants reach the US border they will shoot at them. But here (in the UN) no one says anything. There is too much hypocrisy. We will love to have Venezuela out of the internal political debate. To gain votes in Florida the Trump administration uses Venezuela in order to prepare the terrain for the electoral race of 2020.
  19. Our law enforcement officers were attacked and injured but you do not raise that fact here, because we the chavistas are invisible, like the almost 10 million Venezuelans that went to vote last May the 20 when president Maduro was elected.
  20. The coup d’etat has failed and even the idea of military intervention has raised questions among the Lima Group governments after the US and Juan Guaido presented it in their meeting yesterday. We want to address this issue of the threat of use of force against Venezuela with the High Commissioner for Human Right Michele Bachelet and we expect to have a meeting with her soon.
  21. We are willing to negotiate and all the opposition factors reject the idea of going to a negotiation table. Why is there not a call from this Security Council to promote the negotiation option within the opposition factions in Venezuela?
  22. They say we use the negotiations to gain time but the true is that last 2018 we reach an agreement with the opposition in the Dominican Republic and at the last moment the opposition kicked the table and dropped all that was achieved in months of work.
  23. We have created this group in the UN with 60 countries in order to defend the principles of the UN and the Un-aligned Countries. This group is not for defending Venezuela but to defend the rule of law and prevent situations like the one being discuss today from happening again.
  24. He cited the Report from the German Bundestag (Legal Commission) that states that what happens in Venezuela is an intervention in internal affairs and also the early recognition of such illegitimate government (like the Guaido’s one) could create the bases for international legal responsibility for the states that commit the mistake of an early recognition.
  25. He refereed also to the fact that even the ilegal argument used by the US to justify Guaido’s Coup, Article 233 which is an absurdity, if some take that as a real legal base, Guaido should have call for elections 30 days after the article 233 was activated and that has not happen. They also created a legal nonsense called the Transition Act and are using that to excuse themselves for not following the Constitution and keep Guaido as Interim President for as long as they want, violating every letter of our Constitution.
  26. So in this surreal circumstance we have Juan Guaido that is chief of the Legislative Branch, Chief of the Executive Branch and Chief of the Judicial branch and no one calls him a Dictator (outside Venezuela). It is like being in Narnia.
  27. I am indignant for this circus, because i love my country, my people and we love peace and you can only get indignant when you see so many statements here in the UN without any legal basis and you wonder yourself how in the House of the Multilateralism is it not possible to prevent the rule of the Unilateralism and the dictatorship the US wants to impose all over the word.
  28. I gifted a book to Elliot Abrams called Free Peoples Defeat Powerful Empires (Pueblos Libres derrotan a Imperios Poderosos). You can download it here (Spanish). And I want -to finish- to cite a phrase of Tomas Jefferson where he mentioned the US objective of taking control of the south american colonies one by one years before the Monroe Doctrine (“Our confederacy must be viewed as the nest from which all America, North and South is to be peopled”).

Tip of the Hat to Lipstick and War Crimes.

ROBERT STEELE: The attempted regime change in Venezuela, the sanctions against Cuba, the planned war against Iran based on lies, are all shaming the United States of America.  Mike Pompeo is a disgrace as Secretary of State. This baloney — this Zionist Deep State neocon baloney — has got to stop. The President is losing his base by failing on the home front and abdicating his common sense on the foreign front.  ENOUGH, ALREADY.

Serious people with serious money are discussing Plan B.  Michael Cohen's testimony today is coming across as AUTHENTIC.  If the President does not get his stuff together in  the next 30 days, he will be at risk of losing in 2020.

Execute the ideas in Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph and embrace the below national security strategy so as to focus on the home front.

Steele, Robert. Reinventing the US Army Part I – An American Grand Strategy, Oakton, VA: Earth Intelligence Network, 2016.  Free Online.

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Steele, Robert. Reinventing the US Army Part III – Strategy, Reality, Precepts, Structure, & Leadership, Oakton, VA: Earth Intelligence Network, 2016.  Free Online.

UPDATE 1: Aid Trucks Act of War

‘Aid trucks’ carry nails & wire for barricades, Venezuelan FM says, showing photos

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