SPECIAL: X22 Interview Robert Steele on Massive Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, 16th & 17th Amendments, Global Currency Reset, Trump Triumph

Interviews OF Robert

Text summary of points made below the fold.

  • expected “roll out” of a new gold-backed dollar
  • devaluation (to zero?) of old cash hoards denominated in “Federal Reserve Notes” in favor of new ones emitted by the US Treasury (JPW: i recommed that our foreign readers temporarily park some of  their stash of Federal Reserve notes into local currency [or into a local dollar bank account] for the next few months; when i asked my local money changer, why the USD has stopped creeping upwards against the local currency for the last few months, she told me that the Banco de la Republica Dominicana has not been able to print enough pesos to absorb the recent sudden flood of Dollars: did the local drug dealers get a tip from someone higher up?)
  • Trump has virtually nationalized the cabal's private Federal Reserve System
  • the Trump economy will be flooded with a Trillion (new?) dollars (is that why the stock market has been so bullish in the last two months?)
  • Robert Steele has been “adopted” (whatever that means) as a recipient of part of that money for a “Truth Channel”. Wow, congratulations Robert! Your ideas are starting to hit pay-dirt….
  • The economy will be getting stronger
  • Wars will be ended
  • 6,000 secrecy orders (by previous Enlil-ite governments) on patents (interfering with the greed paradigm of the energy- and banking monopolists) are to be lifted (JPW: the result should be a booming “third industrial economic revolution”, see one of Fulford's ideas of cheap (Nick Tesla?) energy for sea-water desalinization and converting some deserts into agricultural land).
  • Nobody could have done better than what Trump was able to do so far, despite having been undercut by his treasonous (Chabad-Lubavitcher) son-in-law Jared Kushner
  • The 16th amendment to the US Constitution, instituting the private Federal Reserve (incorporated in Puerto Rico) is to be removed (apart from that, the eminent economist Catherine Austin-Fitts has decared that the Federal Reserve is as broke (JPW: as the US Treasury?)
  • The 17th amendment concerning the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, incorporated in Puerto Rico) private tax collection office (was instituted at the same time [1913/14] as the 16th amendment, in order to assure that the borrower (US government) has the money needed to pay the interest to them on the loans from the private bankers) is also being scrutinized for shut-down.
  • The original plan of the criminal banksters was to let the planned great economic bust proceed, let them profit from it (as they did during the Great Depression of the Thirties [by selling and short selling first and then buying back the same industries for cents in the dollar]) and blame it all on Trump, so that “their” useful idiot crypto-communist Democrat Party candidate could easily win the 2020 presidential elections.
  • Because of Trump's understanding all this and controlling the narrative, as well as getting rid of many of the Goldman Sachs (Rothschild) -people (he still has a few) in his government cabinet (or dis-empowering them, like Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary), he has been able to convince his Wall Street opponents with his incredibly successful State of the Union Speech ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx5Hi8AOK-A ) that he is unbeatable in the 2020 election, and it would be better to avoid all the pain of an unnecessary depression.
  • Robert Steele hopes that Trump will let the government shut down on February 15 (yes, this week Friday) and will be able to make a national emergency declaration, which would make the wall building and the “swamp draining” easier (JPW: as it looks today, i think there is a less than 50% chance for a shut down, but Trump is unpredictable…)
  • Putin, Xi and Trump are ganging up against the private Central Banks (JPW: which would end most of the evil in high places of the world, including the wars, just as Trump promised during his candidacy in 2016)
  • Congress gets a 5% kick-back (bribe) on every dollar spent on wars???!!!
  • A major reason for the US troops being in the Middle East is because Israel wants chaos in the ME (to facilitate their Nile to Euphrates “Greater Israel” (Oded Yinon) plan [those two rivers are represented by the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag].
  • Hillary was bribed by the Saudis (Israel's Crypto-Jewish allies) to “sell” them Syria and Yemen (good business for the corrupt Clinton Foundation)
  • Hillary (her Clinton Foundation) also “sold” Libya to France's then president Sarkozy (JPW: who wanted to get out from under the 50 Million Euro loan he got from Ghaddafi)
  • The ME will be de-nuclearized (JPW: i suppose that will include the 200-plus Israeli nukes?)
  • Bill Clinton's NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with Mexico was made in the first line (that's a Germanism!?) to make it easier for the US Government and the Bush/Clinton crime families to smuggle drugs in duty-free trucks. The State of Texas government and judiciary has been co-opted in this. It is also the relatively recent home state of the Bush family…..
  • That is why also the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, as well as Texas are actually undermining the security of America. (JPW: Is this also the main reason why the corrupt Democrat members of Congress are so persistently against the Wall, or are illegal immigrants' future votes the main driver, or [more likely] the Zionist Coudenhove-Kalergi meme of watering down of the power of the pesky white race?)
  • The Mueller Investigation into “Trump collusion” with Russia will be settled in favor of Trump any day now. The Democrat members of Congress have already announced today that they will start a new, even tougher investigation https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-13/dems-preparing-launch-vast-russia-probe . What a bunch of sore losers!
  • Mueller could easily be indicted for his role (as FBI chief at the time) for the cover-up of the truth (known to him) about the real perpetrators of WTC 9/11, Cheney and “Neo-Conservative” Zionists.
  • The only two governments that interfered massively in the 2016 US election were UK-England and Israel.
  • “Hillary is bought and paid for by the City of London”
  • “Hillary will follow John McCain to the grave”
  • Many of Robert Steele's ideas (which are now finally reaching the President) are being re-explained here, such as the election reform act (remove corporate money from the election process), encourage and support small parties to populate one third of Congress, re-implement  state sovereignty, implement an automated “payment transaction tax” (like a value added tax?), the states were always meant to fund the Federal Government and not the other way round (as it is now).

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