Paul Craig Roberts: USA Desperately Needs New SecState

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Paul Craig Roberts

The US Desperately Needs a New Secretary of State

American Herald Tribune

The ignorant warmonger masquerading as an American Secretary of State should be arrested for his impersonation of an American government official. Mike Pompeo cannot possibly be the US Secretary of State, because not even Donald Trump would appoint an idiot to this high position who thinks that Article 2 of the Constitution gives the president the authority to declare war and invade other countries.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I used to be impressed that Pompeo was said to be the #1 graduate in his West Point class.  Now I consider that to be an indictment of West Point.  Pompeo is not just stupid, he is naive.  The President told him to talk to Bill Binney, my friend and the architect of Thin Thread which will power the Open Source Agency, and Pompeo did — Bill told him everyone was lying to him and Pompeo chose to go with the liars rather than Bill. Pompeo is unfit for office, and Paul Craig Roberts has it absolutely right.  My personal favorite to replace him is Jon Huntsman, former Ambassador to China now Ambassador to Russia, and a Mormon without Mitt Romney's flaws. Carol Mosely Braun at the UN and Cynthia McKinney as Vice President, with a real Secretary of Defense capable of closing based and bringing all our troops home and then cutting the defense budget by 50% in the second term, would be a “dream team.” Add to that an Open Source Agency that reveals the true costs of everything, and Thin Thread plus 9/11 disclosure taking down the 1% across the board, and we have a Trump Triumph of the first order.

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