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Helping Iran Make the Call

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It has been an honor for me to be welcomed to the RIAC blog, and an education for me to be exposed to the thinking of so many who are not heard in the USA but represent the civilization, history, and intellect of Mother Russia. When I read today “Helping Iran to Make the Right Choice” by Andrey Kortunov and Michel Duclos, my immediate gut reaction was “Never Mind the Choice, Make the Call!”

This is a reference to the recent provision by President Donald Trump to the Swiss representatives of Iran’s interests in the USA, of a special White House telephone number where the Iranians are invited to call in order to establish a presidential-level dialog. Although not publicized by the media – the absolute last thing these mediocrities want is anything that might avert the war their Zionist masters so desperately desire – it is known that Iran got the message and it is known that Iran is conflicted.

This is also a reference to the American vernacular, particularly in sports, where referees “make the call” by making a choice: either the play was legitimate or it was not, if there was a foul, they must “make the call.” A call is a choice, a choice is a call.

I will first comment on the excellent article by Director Kortunov and Ambassador Duclos, and then briefly make the case that Iran does not need to worry about choices, it just needs to make the call.

Why the US Walked Away from JCPOA*

I do worry about being blinded by my admiration for and devotion to President Donald Trump, but I think I am on safe ground when I suggest that the President walked away from JCPOA for two reasons: first, to fool the Zionists into thinking he was buying into their false narrative – we know Israel has 200 nuclear weapons and is constantly lying about Iran’s program – and to get Iran to the Presidential bargaining table.  This was the same reasoning that led the President to consider a draft suspending US agreements with South Korea, a key partner in the unification and denuclearization of Korea, a story I broke in March 2018 ahead of everyone else.

Iran should continue to honor the JCPOA, and consider commenting publicly that unlike the Chinese, it honors its commitments, while inquiring of the President why he is so critical of the Chinese for doing what he has done to Iran.

And make the call.

Europe is a Dead Man Walking

In the USA we refer to a prisoner on Death Row as a “dead man walking.”  Europe is dead. Macron, Merkel, and May are each a “dead man walking.” The false flag attack on Notre Dame, the ignominious depravity of May with respect to Brexit, and the exposure of Merkel for the traitor to Germany that she has been, welcoming unemployed Muslim men many of them rapists as part of a globalist agenda, have all been noted by the public.  The Yellow Vest movement is spreading, and very few people seem to be aware of the Savoy Case that will lead to the fall of Macron and the unconstitutional government he leads while redefining boundaries both within and outside of France – Monaco will expand to become a new buffer state between France and Italy.  Spain and Portugal will muddle through, Switzerland will recover from the death of the Deep State, and Eastern Europe will leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) when the US departs and closes all its bases overseas, something I expect to happen during President Trump’s second term.

In short, the only serious people that matter in the Middle East are Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, and China. Europe is relevant only in terms of diplomatic protocol. It is however important that Russia agree with the USA – at the Presidential level, no one else matters – that NATO’s presence in the Middle East is anathema to peace and all US-funded endeavors in the Middle East should cease at once. This includes US financial and military support to the Saudi regime that is, along with Qatar and Israel, the primary source of instability.

Europe does not matter. To the extent Europe can be an annoyance, Russia could be helpful in calming them, much the way a baby-sitter deals with an unruly child large enough to break the furniture.

Iran should make the call.

Ejecting Iran from the Middle East? How About Ejecting Europe from the Middle East?

It is a great sadness to me to reflect on the corruption of the European leaders.  They sold their countries and their publics out in the Barcelona agreements, the leaders accepting huge bribes in return for agreeing to accept unlimited numbers of unemployed Muslim men, many of them rapists, and to avoid retaliating against these out of control psychopathic individuals not at all representative of their more balanced counterparts who stayed home with jobs. These same leaders also supported the French, who bribed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton outright, in the destruction of Libya, which was the virtual “wall” preventing Europe from being overrun by illegal immigrants fleeing corrupt and dysfunctional dictators across the Middle East and North Africa. Libya – a land of oil, gold, and water – was destroyed because the French got greedy and the Americans could be bought.

Russia should be leading a summit that elevates Iran and Turkey, respects Egypt, and ejects Europe.

Iran should make the call.

Jared Kushner is Going to Jail

Waste no time on the Clown Prince. His peace plan is a travesty, the Palestinians are correct to reject it, and the sooner everyone makes it clear in public what they have made clear in private, that Kushner is widely regarded as the most ignorant inept person ever to claim to represent the President of the United States of America, the sooner we can move on to serious dialog.

Jared Kushner is going to jail.  While I have no direct knowledge my careful reading of numerous sources, including the Mueller Report and the superb book, Kushner, Inc., make it clear to me that Jared Kushner is going to jail and will probably be indicted immediately after President Donald Trump wins a landslide victory in 2020. Senior Democratic sources have told me directly that it is clearly understood that Kushner took a billion dollar bribe from Qatar, and that is on top of this he has also violated many laws in fronting for his father – a convicted felon prohibited from engaging in these matters – in the acquisition of 666 – the Mark of the Beast building, a real loser of a building. Hence his father is also eligible for indictment and a return to prison. The Kushner family is cursed. I pray for the princess and her children.

Iran should make the call.

Israel (not the USA) is the Great Satan, Syria Will Triumph, Palestine is Palestinian

I hate to agree with Iran on anything, being a conservative who was brought up on the lies of the US educational and media systems controlled by the Zionists, but on this one not only is Iran right, but our President “gets” this.  The USA, captured by the Zionist parasite, is soon to be free of that parasite. It is at any rate a good starting point for a dialog. Iran needs to know that our President understands the USS Liberty, 9/11, and the Zionist role in both most false flag operations and in the sabotage of entire airliners full of people used as a covert means to murder one particular person. Iran should not underestimate our President’s understanding of the depth and breadth of Zionist crimes against America the Beautiful specifically, and humanity generally.

I believe that Syria will resume control over the Golan Heights by 2022 at the latest, and that any attempt by Israel to contest this restoration, particularly by force, will accelerate the death of the Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel.

Gandhi said “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.” Henry Kissinger has predicted Israel’s demise by 2022.  That tracks with what I believe will be the real solution in the Middle East: a Jewish enclave from Tel Aviv to the sea and north, the denuclearization of Israel, the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians, and the broadening of a Middle Eastern dialog to include the Kurds and a regional water authority committed to unlimited free energy and unlimited desalinated water for all. China has created a new Jewish enclave in Manchuria, adjacent to the long-standing Russian Jewish enclave, and I believe the time has come to give decent Jews – most of whom reject Zionism – a choice: give up the state, keep the faith, live long and prosper everywhere.

Iran should make the call.

The End of Pompeo

As Russia gets ready to welcome Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, I will state clearly that I consider Pompeo to be a messenger boy – and a very bad messenger boy because he is a self-admitted liar who chose to protect the liars at CIA and the Zionists at the Department of State instead of doing what the President told him to do: get Bill Binney and Bill Binney’s Thin Thread put to work in support of the President’s agenda.  I tell that story in passing in my most recent RIAC post: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela -….

My point: Pompeo is going to be fired. This may be his last foreign trip. Waste no energy on him. Jon Huntsman in my view is best qualified to be the next Secretary of State, and Russia should be using every precious minute of Huntsman’s presence on Russian soil to inform him, starting with a grand tour of the Arctic and then of the vast Eastern region where a new civilization could be established using Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as an alternative to the failed Western economic paradigm.

I pray for Huntsman’s health, not only is he a vital brilliant human being who understands both China and Russia better than most Americans, but he could be a viable successor to President Trump in 2024. The same cannot be said for Pompeo, who will be lucky to be considered for a Senate seat from Kansas, and then only if the President decides to show pity as a means of retiring this disappointing man early.

Iran should make the call – and insist that the first meeting must between the two Presidents, in English, with no witnesses. This will drive the Zionists mad, and that is a very good starting point for an Iranian dialog with the President of the United States of America.

There Is Only One Choice in the Middle East

Given a choice between the Zionists and their plan to Balkanize the Middle East, and the Iranians and the Turks and the Egyptians finally rising to their potential and becoming stabilizing great powers as they once were and should be again, there is only one choice in the Middle East.

Iran should make the call.

* Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

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