Wayne Jett: Ending Mercantilism Ends the Deep State

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Find and Fix The Real Problems

Capitalists view people as potential customers, not as victims or targets. Capitalism does not seek to depose, disable or disenfranchise the middle class. Capitalism is the economic system of the middle class! Capitalism enables the middle class to exist, to function and to grow. Classical economic theory – also called “the theory of the firm” – was the foundation on which capitalism was built to power the growth of the middle class.

Ending Mercantilism

When we know it is mercantilism which must be stopped, we know better where to look and what to do. We end the Federal Reserve and return to the constitutionally required system of sound money tied to gold and silver. By doing so, we eliminate the outrageous central banking practices which put uncounted trillions of dollars into cabal pockets for use in buying real assets worldwide.

We bust the cabal’s operations in human trafficking and drug trafficking, and their banks which facilitate those practices by laundering funds. We confiscate their immense stores of wealth gained from those crimes and their secret practices in acquiring assets with their fiat currencies.

We stop the geoengineering practices actively destroying the natural environment and climate worldwide, including in America, by their spraying tremendous tonnages of micron-sized metal particles and electro-magnetic irradiation of all living things. Capitalism does not do geoengineering – mercantilism does! The United Nations (its New York headquarters provided by the Rockefellers) is entirely mercantilist in its objectives, and manages geoengineering worldwide to produce environmental and climate shocks, disease and death, while simultaneously promoting major taxes to “save” the environment.

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