Yoda: Elan Carr Joins Eliot Abram as Uber Zionist in Charge of US Foreign Policy — Idiocy and Treason Rule at US Department of State

Peace Intelligence

This will not end well for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, or for the Zionists.  Their Day of Atonement approaches.

Alert Reader comments:

Dixit Pompeo and Elan Carr, in this Brother Nathaniel latest Youtube, “Mystery Babylon In Swift Key.”  What’s in store for anyone uttering any anti-Zionism word is… well… as good as death.  Just listen to Carr, starting at 4:00 minutes.  And check this: “We are going to study it and eradicate it WORLDWIDE by going after “those countries where textbooks are purveying anti-Semitic hate (!)” 

Elan Carr has an interesting Wikipedia page… and all the right connections by birth and otherwise. Seeing how much more verbal people are becoming about Zionism worldwide (and the true, peaceful Jewish people caught in the middle of that insanity are becoming increasingly uneasy and verbal about it too), that’s an awful lot of policing to do worldwide on a tanking economy

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