Gordon Duff Et Al: Air War College Report – D-Day Was NOT Necessary

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75th Anniversary D-Day: Clandestine 1986 Air War College Report Concluded Invasion was Unnecessary

Air War College, Air University issued. in March 1986, a report titled “OVERLORD, The Unnecessary Invasion” that concluded D-Day was unnecessary.  Written by William F. Moore, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, the research report was submitted to the faculty in fulfillment of the research requirement led by Research Advisor Dr. Joseph L. Strange, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.  VT has thought it best this report be made public so that a proper historical record can be made.

Read full report.

Phi Beta Iota:  We are moving into a new era in which fake history is overturned. D-Day was a political move, not a military necessity.  The Allies murdered over 11 million Germans AFTER the war ended; the Holocaust happened but not as the Zionists say it did — no gas ovens, just bombing, starvation, and illness.  Hitler tried to protect the Jews, it was his subordinates that carried out isolated executions. Hitler and the leading Nazis survived the war and moved to Argentina and the USA, where Nazis took over CIA and NASA.  At what point do we begin to understand that the truth at any cost lowers all other costs?  This is a very exciting time for anyone with intelligence, integrity, and imagination.

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