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David Wilcock, THE ASCENSION MYSTERIES: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil (Dutton, 2017)

5 Star Authentic, Credible, & Inspiring

The author is world-renowned for his New York Times bestseller The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies  and his follow-on The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. I learn at the very end of this book that it is intended to be a primer, with a detailed personal history that provides deep authenticity to the author’s experiences and insights, and paves the way for the earlier books that are more complicated and might – in the absence of this primer – be met with skepticism.

The author is also a recurring expert in the History Channel series Ancient Aliens, manages his own YouTube channel Divine Cosmos, has been the leading mind in the Gaia Wisdom Teachings series. It must be said that he benefitted greatly from his interactions with Kerry Cassidy in the Project Camelot disclosure series over ten years ago, with continuing benefits to this day.

The first half of the book is a deeply personal account of his many years as both a troubled and inspired youth, to include a deep addition to marijuana that he ultimately rejected, and his dreams and experiences with Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP).  While this gave me pause – not what I was expecting – I was fully on board within a few chapters and now regard this deeply personal background as having been essential to establishing his authenticity and credibility. I agree with his recommendation that this book be read first, then Synchronicity, and finally The Source Field Investigations.

Bottom line up front in two parts:

Part A. The Pentagon may not be 50% waste, that may have been a cover for redirecting trillions of dollars toward a deep space secret fleet and deep underground bases connected by tunnels, and portals that move men and materials between places on Earth and between Earth and other planets, in a flash. In one door and out the other. We have bases on Mars, Saturn and elsewhere, we have spacecraft, and we may also be subject to some combination of quarantine (melting down our nuclear weapons) and protection (neutralizing of hostile extraterrestrials). I embrace these possibilities for consideration.

Part B. There are hundreds of stellar civilizations, our history goes back 500,000 years, and we are on the verge of an ascension from the third density to the fourth, with hundreds of advanced technologies including age reversal. anti-gravity, and time travel being fully disclosed and changing life on the planet for everyone as the Cabal goes down in flames and the cosmic consciousness of the larger public – good at heart – triumphs. I buy into this completely.

While I have read a number of books related to extra-terrestrials, unidentified flying objects (UFO), and cosmic topics including God, this author stands out – along with Kerry Cassidy – as one of the few who has not only delved into the subject matter over decades, but done so in a fashion that has inspired insiders to share top secret sensitive compartmented information with him, in part because many insiders believe that full disclosure in the necessary next step.

What I find particularly gripping about this author and this book is its emphasis on love as a cosmic force sufficient to triumph over both the Satanic earthly cabal, and hostile negative extraterrestrials both of whom thrive on human fear, pain, and death.

QUOTE (99): Negative beings feed on the energy of being worshipped and get a genuine rush from creating fear, terror, and pain.

I am reminded of the role that pedophilia, torture of children, ritual sacrifice, and the drinking of children’s blood after they have been tortured (so that the blood is infused with adrenaline creating adrenochrome, the ultimate high for Satanic Cabal elites).

By page 70 I am totally engrossed in the author’s personal history – his authenticity and credibility could not be more ably put forward – he lists dates, names, places, and experiences, and also weaves in a treasure trove of books and movies that we now know were “seeded” by insiders desiring to do soft disclosure over time.

Two recurring themes merit mention: first, that information is alive and even if we are unaware of 99% of the relevant information, it is out there, interacting with all other forms of information from the biological to the electromagnetic; and second, that our DNA appears so complex as to warrant speculation that we were created by a cosmic intelligence with a grand design. In passing the author mentions free will and good intentions as spiritually powerful forces that can block the worst anyone can throw at us.

We appear to be heading into or are already in an energy cloud that is leading us toward a mass evolutionary event that will displace the Satanic elite and elevate the common, decent, human being.

The author focuses on NASA as a positive force, and while he discusses mind-control as used by the Cabal to keep people in fear and divided and thus conquered, he does not go into the kind of negative detail about NASA such as can be found in Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips TRANCE: Formation of America nor does he cover the dark role played by CIA against  the public, as discussed in Daniel Estulin’s Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses, both of which complement his work, as does Chris Thomas and Dave Morgan’s Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy.

There is a huge amount of information in this book, including very specific detail about both extraterrestrial history and variation, and human capabilities in outer space including the export from Earth of 55 to 60 million top minds who are never coming back.

What I find compelling about this book is its detail on how positive extraterrestrial forces have prevented both nuclear conflict by melting down the warheads, and escalation of some but not all existing conflicts, for example, preventing a direct Palestinian-Zionist armed confrontation by rendering all of the weapons inoperative on both sides.

QUOTE (335): Every effort is being made to prevent loss of life, and to create a peaceful transition that leads to disclosure.

Engaged citizens will have noticed the many – many – soft disclosures appearing in recent years, consisting of active validated news stories that make the jump from Hollywood prequel science fiction as disclosure to mainstream news disclosure, for example, “Scientists Now Believe Black Holes Could Be Portals to Other Galaxies,”  The Mind Unleashed, 6 June 2019, and note also the active disclosures being channeled through To the Stars Academy, an obvious government cut-out toward full disclosure.

The author also deals with the here and now, pointing out that the elite are using mind-control and a great deal of subliminal messaging as well as traumatizing events (false flags, something I know about from having run one for the CIA and then later written about in both Kindle form and free online), with gun control – the disarming of the population as their paramount tactical objective.  Not going to happen.

The second half of the book is nothing less than a history of our solar system and the stellar civilizations that have been active in our solar system for billions of years. I completely agree with the author when he points out that most of what we have been taught is false, and that the history books are on the verge of being rewritten.  I will not itemize here – buy the book.

There are a few minor points that do not track with my knowledge or the knowledge of others whose books I have reviewed, for example, he seems unaware of the CIA’s role in promoting drugs and the Woodstock libertine generation as a way of tearing down families and communities; and he has the public version of the Watergate story – Nixon was actually after the list of elite pedophiles associated with the Democratic Party (he already had the list of elite pedophiles associated with the Republican Party).

The author concludes with two points: first, that we are about to see the end of organized materialism; and second, that anyone who has lived and continues to live a life of service to others, even if just slightly above 50% in that mind-set, is cleared for ascension.  I embrace these possibilities for consideration.

In addition to everything written by this author, and the books I link to above, I recommend David Icke’s Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told, and George Kavassilas’ Our Universal Journey.

While my direct knowledge is limited, I believe that this author is making a useful contribution that helps open minds and hearts toward the day when we enjoy a Full Disclosure government that does not lie, cheat, steal, prey on other countries, or trade in drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children.

On balance I dismiss those who would seek to diminish this author, and appreciate his offering.

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