Amos Gilad: The Zionist Paper Tiger – Isreal Goes Straight Toward an Implosion

Peace Intelligence
Amos Gilad, MajGen (Ret.)

Google translate of this Amos Gilad article which did not appear in English anywhere as far as I know.  The original title was “Israel is a tiger paper”

“Spider web”: “Israel goes straight to implosion” (Amos Gilad)

Original in French: “Toile d’araignée” : “Israël va droit vers l’implosion “(Amos Gilad)

It is always an important moment when the enemy passes to the confession. In the year 2000, when the Israeli army had made a humiliating withdrawal from southern Lebanon, the Hezbollah Secretary General made a famous speech in which he said: “Israel has the nuclear weapon and the first army the air of the region and yet it is more fragile than a spider’s web ”

19 years later, the former head of the political affairs office of the Israeli Ministry of Military Affairs and current director of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Amos Gilad resumes Nasrallah’s speech almost word for word: “Israel looks like a house, protected by solid walls but termites eat from the inside. ” With a few images, the metaphor is the same. What is the sign of this similarity of speech?

The Lebanese website, el-Nashra, responds with a premonition that is likely to come true.

Whether he’s a former intelligence officer in the military, or the former Israeli coordinator for the West Bank and Gaza Strip or the former head of the security department at the Ministry of Military Affairs, Gilad knows what he’s talking about. His remarks echo the recent statements of three other high-ranking Israeli military officers who also paint a particularly bleak picture of what Israel expects in the years to come. All three warn of the “deep cracks in Israeli society”.

Asked by the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, Isaac Nair, Eric Sharniak and Mickael Ben David, each author of several books, predict for Israel a disaster to come: “The gap is growing between the strata of society in an Israel subjected to intense external pressures. All this is conducive to an implosion. … This state of chronic weakening coincides with the decline of American power in the Middle East and the emergence of new powers, and this process is likely to accelerate our collapse. ”

For two days the Hertzilia conference in Israel, a conference devoted to the challenges facing the Tel Aviv regime, has been taking place. This “house surrounded by walls gnawed by termites” actually refers to an unequal and discriminatory society that treats its own members in the most unfair way. Because of its policies and the mission defined by its American masters, Israel has relied on crime, which removes any possibility of agreement with its environment. Attempts to normalize with the (Persian) Gulf do not erase this reality that Amos notes in these terms: “We want the Arabs dead, we can not become friends with!”

In Hertzilia, it is obviously question of the missiles of Hezbollah, some 130,000 according to the Israeli estimates, machines whose range varies from 10 to 500 kilometers. “Hezbollah’s arsenal now has high-precision missiles, it’s an irregular army that has won seven years of war in Syria, enough to defeat our land force, and since 2006, no day has passed without Israel is not trying to fight Lebanon again, but each time it has been unable to do it, because the war can not be won from the sky, you have to go to the ground and that’s the mega. the challenge facing Israel: In his speech entitled “The Spider’s Web”, delivered after the withdrawal of the Israeli army from southern Lebanon in 2000, he emphasized the incessant fears of the majority of Israelis by saying: “They are weak individuals who like to live but who are unable to face the reality in the Middle East because they are not ready for war and to sacrifice themselves.” They hide behind an apparent military superiority and technology that is no longer adequate Israel, which holds nuclear weapons and is proud of its largest air force in the region, has become as fragile as the spider’s web.

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