Chris Hedges: War, Memory and Gettysburg

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Chris Hedges

War, Memory and Gettysburg

The inability of most generals to adapt, as Allen C. Guelzo writes in “Gettysburg: The Last Invasion,” “makes the Civil War look like an exercise in raw stupidity equivalent to the slaughters on the Western Front [of World War I].”

By focusing on battlefield exploits we too often blot out the suffering of the soldiers, the families that lost sons, brothers and husbands, and the hundreds of thousands of children left without fathers. We ignore the crippling physical and psychological wounds that plague veterans.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is a concise anti-war statement. As with General Smedley Butler, USMC, author of War is a Racket, I am a former Marine and I condemn wars based on lies, managed by charlatans, that are waged as profit centers for the banks and foreign powers, notably the Zionists, who were operating as a Deep State element long before Israel was invented.  Chis, like James Fallow and Thom Hartmann, is among those on the left with a brain and a heart that I follow. He is notable as well for having recently pointed out in another book that it is the military and law enforcement that stand in the way of revolution against the elite, and when they choose to step aside, then revolution does indeed happen. We are there.

There is a very strong anti-war movement across America, and there is a growing anti-FEMA, anti-TSA, anti-SWAT, anti-police movement as well.  The President ignores this growing transpartisan movement at his peril. I am a member of that movement.  I want my country back; my rights as an individual back; and an eradication of the Deep State along with the expulsion of the Zionist parasite and its unregistered but obscenely visible agents in the USA, B'Nai Brith, AIPAC, and ADL.

It is however important to note that while Chamberlain was known to be a shameless slef-promoter, the legend survived and is embraced by the US Army War College in Carlisle, PA.

It is also important — apart from the outrage of wars based on lies — to note that generally we have done better than most at caring for the wounded and honoring our veterans after the fact.

As a general statement – I cringe anytime a politically correct pussy says “thank you for your service,” all I want is the respect of not seeing our young men and women sent into harms way on the basis of known lies, for the wrong reasons that benefit the 1%.  I particularly object to war that has not been properly declared, on a case by case basis by Congress, and I particularly object to drone assassinations, rendition and torture, and other crimes against humanity that we simply should not be tolerating at any level for any reason.

Everything is connected.  The false flags run by FEMA (perhaps suspended, now run by the Mossad and ADL), the censorship of mostly conservatives (managed by the ADL across all social platforms including MeetUp), the lies by prosecutors and outrageous judgments by judges (see for  instance the Fetzer case, where one wonders if both the judge and the prosecutor are being blackmailed with pedophilia tapes), everything that is bad is centered on a politics of fear and the practice of lies against the public. This is why I find Marianne Williamson's A Politics of Love so compelling. I continue to support President Donald Trump for re-election, but anti-war and love and the truth must be more aggressively embraced by the President if he is to be the greatest president ever, and most particularly, a good president for all Americans.

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