Gareth Porter: Deep State Fake News Corporate Media Fueling Iran Nuclear Crisis — Robert Steele: NOT Happening!

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Gareth Porter

How Corporate Media Are Fueling a New Iran Nuclear Crisis

The U.S. news media’s coverage of the Iran nuclear issue has been woefully off-kilter for many years. Now, however, those same outlets are contributing to the serious crisis building between Washington and Tehran.

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ROBERT STEELE: Gareth is America's most intelligent observer of the Deep State military-industrial complex and its Zionist underbelly that treats the Palestinians as disposable genocide victims while it treats Iran as the fake boogey man.  All that is over.  Zionism is over, and the threat of nuclear war is over.

I believe that Senator Rand Paul will be well received in Iran; that President Hassan Rouhani (who speaks English fluently) will be invited to meet with President Donald Trump and in this meeting will present an invitation from the Supreme Leader to our President to make a state visit to Tehran for a private meeting with the Supreme Leader (President Rouhani can serve as the translator if needed).  All before November 2020.

In combination with the complete neutralization of US and European and Israeli as well as Saudi nuclear weapons by forces (energies) more powerful than most can imagine — and President's planned disclosure in September of both how these forces have neutralized nuclear and inter-continental weapons and also provided us with free energy that has been kept from the market — we are looking at a whole new world come September 2019. In combination with the President's other initiatives (asset backed dollar, recovery of $15 trillion from the banks, pumping $1.5 trillion into the US economy between now and election day, perhaps the cancellation of the federal income tax) I do believe he will be on his way to being the greatest president ever.

Only four US presidents have visited Tehran (FDR, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Carter, but all those visits were with the Deep State Shah, not the elected religous leadership – CIA overturned the first religious election and then went on with the Zionists to train the Shah's secret police). President Donald Trump will be the FIRST US President to make a state visit to a truly free Iran under its chosen religious leadership.

I have discussed this with my dear friend Bishop Riah Abu El Assal, former Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East (shown to the left with me and Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Branaugh), and he tells me:

If recent good developments between America and N. Korea brought relief , similar steps , developments , actions between America and Iran will bring healing  and joy for many many millions not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. This is so because at its center is Jerusalem . And  I continue to believe in what I shared with the then PM Tony Blair on the 18th of February 2003, when he tried to convince me, and the other three bishops , that going to Iraq will pave the way for peace in the Middle East,  my response to him was: “Mr. PM, the shortest route to Baghdad goes through Jerusalem. Once peace comes to Jerusalem, PEACE WILL COME TO THE WHOLE WORLD “.  Only then Jerusalem becomes an international City, opened to all the citizens of our Planet Earth.  Dearest Robert, I appreciate including me in what will be described as the first visit of an American President to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Will be more than happy to visit with him the different synagogues, and few of the many Jewish holy sights in Iran.  Ausonius ” Begin: To have commenced is half the deed. Half yet remains; Begin again on this and thou wilt finish all”.  Know this comes with my prayers and kindest regards, 

Side Note: The Zionists are freaking out.  They are trying to manufacture false flag attacks by Iran on everyone including the Russians, they are rolling out their “talking rocks” to simulate Iranian traffic for the NSA lard-asses sitting in their air-conditioned cubicles far removed from reality, and they are doing everything possible to filter President Trump's incoming advisories that are in sharp disagreement with all the lies that nominal Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is giving the President — all State Middle East information is provided by and manipulated by Zionists, among whom they count the new Assistant Secretary of State for Genociding Palestine, David Schenker.

I will conclude by reiterating my distinction between Zionism (evil) and Judaism (good), and by doubling down on my view that Truth & Reconciliation is essential to navigating the complex path forward.

Praise be to God.

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