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Min. Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short, M.Div. is a Washington, D.C. native and a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate, free-lance journalist, writer, and social action/social justice missionary affiliated with the African Orthodox Church. An informed and excellent researcher and speaker, Short is regularly featured on FM/AM/blog radio programs nationally. Since 2011, Short has been a featured commentator on RT, Radio One, Mississippi Super Talk, Roland Martin, WJLA-New Channel 8, Belarus National News, INFOWARS, DC Cablevision, and the Pacifica Radio network.

Dr. White serves as a Washington DC aide de camp to Reverend William “Bill” Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors, 7,000 in number.

Short is a graduate of Howard University (B.S./Ph.D.), Harvard University (M.Div.), and the University of Virginia (M.Phil.). His Ph.D. in of African and African American history. Short taught History and Religion at Bowie University and Lane College, former Executive Director of the Prince George’s County Youth Commission. As a Howard Univ. student leader, Short pressured Howard’s Board of Trustees to grant an honorary doctorate to legendary Civil Rights leader and Congress of Racial Equality founder James Farmer. Short also organized the “Stop the Genocide in Darfur” campaign in Washington, D.C. in 2004. Short is a columnist-contributor to Conservative Digital News, and he has published articles in Black Agenda Report, the Baltimore-Washington Afro-American, News Dimensions, and the Howard University Barrister. Short helped Myrlie Evers and Rev. C.T. Vivian combat the burning of Black churches in the 1990s. Short aided the creation of the first Afro-Latin Human Rights Roundtable for the Congressional Black Caucus, and been involved with human rights of Nuba, Oromo, Afro-Brazilian, Dinka, and Dalits. As an opponent to the “War on Drugs” Short partnered with the late Dr. C. Delores Tucker to secure presidential pardons for Kemba Smith and Dorothy Gaines in 2000. As the President and Founder of the Anti-Depo Provera Clergy Coalition, he has presented before Congressman William L. Clay, Jr. regarding the need to outlaw Depo Provera. He also works alongside anti-Eugenics activists Elaine Riddick and Dr. Alveda King. Dr. Short is a featured as a pro-Trump commentator for the documentary film “Black, White and Blue”. Short has written a forcing book on the famed missionary the Rev. Dr. William H. Sheppard and genocide in the Congo to be published in 2019. Short helped edit and write the report “Depo Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence”.

At present, Short is the Political Director and Chair of the Gone2Far Movement in Washington, D.C., is the Policy Director of Rebecca Project for Justice, and is the Lay Minister of Salvation and Liberation Temple a mission fellowship affiliated with the African Orthodox Church. Short is the convener of the Gone Too Far Movement organized to oppose the Gay Equality Act H.R.5. Dr. Short supports pro-life, pro-family, and conservative values. Dr. Short serves as Associate Director of the Good Ground Good Life 501 3 c that is fighting against environmental injustice in Washington, D.C., East St. Louis, Baltimore, and Chicago. Dr. Short works with local community groups to educate people about the danger of unsafe drinking water, the dangerous carcinogenic contraceptive DMPA (Depo Provera), and advocates for the need for on-demand publicly funded lead-poisoning testing for all Americans and persons ensnared in the criminal justice system.

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