Zero Hedge: US Veterans Take Lead in Anti-War Movement — Mr. President, Please Get Out of the Middle East (and Africa, and Central Asia, and South America, and Taiwan) As You Promised….

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What Was It All For: Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars

A major opinion poll’s results were released which demonstrated that fully two-thirds of post 9/11 veterans now think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan “weren’t worth fighting.” That’s a remarkable, and distressing, statistic and one that should give America’s president, legislators, media, and people as a whole, serious pause. Not that it will, mind you, but it should! It’s doubtful that US military combat vets – who are more rural, southern, and conservative than the population at large – have ever so incontrovertibly turned on a war, at least since the very end of Vietnam.

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The Antiwar Movement No One Can See

ROBERT STEELE: As a veteran, I am deeply offended by the degree to which Americans have been sent to war on the basis of lies in order to serve the Deep State.

This is both unconstitutional and ethical. President Donald Trump has a complicated job, but in the end he must honor his campaign promise to end our engagement in foreign wars under false pretenses.

Steven Aftergood

This just out from Steve Aftergood:

There are only nineteen years since 1789 when the U.S. did not have armed forces engaged in military operations abroad, according to an updated tally from the Congressional Research Service. See Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2019, updated July 17, 2019.

The most recent year in which U.S. military forces were not used in a foreign conflict was 1979, according to the CRS. The CRS account does not reflect covert action, disaster relief, or training activities involving U.S. forces abroad.

Though there have only been 11 formal declarations of war, there have been hundreds of military actions including “extended military engagements that might be considered undeclared wars.”

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