Robert Steele: Book Reviews US Populist Non-Violent Revolution (Spawned Trump, Will Create Post-Trump People Not Parties 2nd American Revolution?)

6 Star Top 10%, America (Founders, Current Situation)

68 Summary Book Reviews Below the Fold

20141027   6   Revolution   Barker, Juliet   Review: 1381 – The Year of the Peasants’ Revolt

20070626   6   Revolution   Goodwyn, Lawrence   Review: The Populist Moment–A Short History of the Agrarian Revolt in America

20141005   5   Revolution   Boyd, Andrew Ed.   Review: Beautiful Trouble — A Toolbox for Revolution

20141104   5   Revolution   Brand, Russell   Review: Revolution

20140112   5   Revolution   Cederman, Lars-Erik etal   Review: Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War

20140105   5   Revolution   Chomsky, Noam   Review: Occupy: Reflections on Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity

20141007   5   Revolution   Daddy, Sugah   Review (CD): Suffereignty

20120702   5   Revolution   Editors   Book: Redvolution: The Power of Connected Citizens

20090703   5   Revolution   Frascina, Francis   Review: Art, Politics and Dissent–Aspects of the Art Left in Sixties America

20150306   5   Revolution   Ghonim, Wael   Review (Guest): Revolution 2.0 The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power A Memoir

20090628   5   Revolution   Gilligan, Carol & DR   Review: The Deepening Darkness–Patriarchy, Resistance, and Democracy’s Future

20010617   5   Revolution   Gladwell, Malcolm   Review: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

20011115   5   Revolution   Halstead, Ted   Review: The Radical Center–The Future of American Politics

20070530   5   Revolution   Hawken, Paul   Review: Blessed Unrest–How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

20150510   5   Revolution   Hedges, Chris   Review: Wages of Rebellion – The Moral Imperative of Revolt

20120608   5   Revolution   Hedges, Chris & JS   Review (Guest): Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

20091125   5   Revolution   Keliher, Evan   Review: TYRANNICIDE The Story of the Second American Revolution

20000529   5   Revolution   Kuhn, Thomas S.   Review: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

20040714   5   Revolution   Lapham, Lewis   Review: Gag Rule–On the Suppression of Dissent and Stifling of Democracy

20070530   5   Revolution   Lappe, Frances Moore   Review: Democracy’s Edge–Choosing to Save Our Country by Bringing Democracy to Life

20080421   5   Revolution   Paul, Ron   Review: The Revolution–A Manifesto

20110612   5   Revolution   Polk, William R.   Review: Violent Politics — A History of Insurgency, Terrorism, and Guerrilla War, from the American Revolution to Iraq

20010318   5   Revolution   Ray, Paul H.   Review: The Cultural Creatives–How 50 Million People Are Changing the World

20121127   5   Revolution   Rich, Paul B. et al Eds.   Review (Guest): Routledge Handbook of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

20150226   5   Revolution   Steele, Robert   Review (Guest): OPEN POWER – Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool Kit

20070130   5   Revolution   Sunstein, Cass R.   Review: Why Societies Need Dissent (Oliver Wendell Holmes Lectures)

20000407   5   Revolution   Toffler, Alvin   Review: Powershift–Knowledge, Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century

20060428   5   Revolution   Toffler, Alvin   Review: Revolutionary Wealth

20101010   5   Revolution   Various   Review (Guest): Three Books on America Lost

20010318   5   Revolution   Williamson, Marianne Ed.   Review: Imagine–What America Could Be in the 21st Century

20070903   5   Revolution   Zinn, Howard   Review: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

20180914   4   Revolution   @BernieOrBust & PW   Review: Bernie or Bust – Pioneers of Electoral Revolt

20060331   4   Revolution   Armstrong, Jerome   Review: Crashing the Gate–Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics

20130509   4   Revolution   Atlee, Tom   Tom Atlee: On Power — What Kind, For Whom, For What — a Reflection on Moises Naim’s New Book, The End of Power

20110625   4   Revolution   Briggs, Xavier   Review: Democracy as Problem Solving – Civic Capacity in Communities Across the Globe

20080825   4   Revolution   Chickering, Lawrence and James S. Turner   Review: VOICE OF THE PEOPLE–The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life

20080821   4   Revolution   Crane, Michael   Review: The Political Junkie Handbook (The Definitive Reference Book on Politics)

20100707   4   Revolution   DeFronzo, James   Review: Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements

20081013   4   Revolution   Flanders, Laura   Review: Blue Grit–Making Impossible, Improbable, and Inspirational Political Change in America

20061122   4   Revolution   Florini, Ann   Review: The Coming Democracy–New Rules for Running a New World

20111118   4   Revolution   Geider, Sarah van et al   Review: This Changes Everything

20060905   4   Revolution   Halstead, Ted   Review: The Real State Of The Union–From The Best Minds In America, Bold Solutions To The Problems Politicians Dare Not Address

20031028   4   Revolution   Hightower, Jim   Review: Thieves in High Places–They’ve Stolen Our Country–And It’s Time to Take It Back

20111125   4   Revolution   Hirschhorn, Joel   Review: Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government

20010924   4   Revolution   Howe, Neil   Review: Millennials Rising–The Next Great Generation

20120720   4   Revolution   Hyatt, Michael   Review (Guest): Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

20120701   4   Revolution   Jones, Van   Review: Rebuild the Dream

20120812   4   Revolution   Lofgren, Mike   Review: The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted

20150309   4   Revolution   Luxemburg, Rosa   Review: Reform or Revolution and Other Writings

20061223   4   Revolution   Mark Satin   Review: Radical Middle–The Politics We Need Now

20140602   4   Revolution   Micklethwait, John & AW   Review: The Fourth Revolution – The Global Race to Reinvent the State

20031028   4   Revolution   Moore, Michael   Review: Dude, Where’s My Country?

20150312   4   Revolution   Nader, Ralph   Review: Unstoppable – The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State

20130531   4   Revolution   Naim, Moises   Review (Guest): The End of Power: From Boardrooms to Battlefields and Churches to States, Why Being In Charge Isn’t What It Used to Be

20120513   4   Revolution   Ross, Carne   Review: The Leaderless Revolution – How Ordinary People Will Take Power and Change Politics in the 21st Century

20140430   4   Revolution   Sams, Gregory   Review: The State is Out of Date – We Can Do It Better

20080309   4   Revolution   Schoen, Douglas   Review: Declaring Independence–The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System

20051025   4   Revolution   Stearns, Peter   Review: Global Outrage–The Origins and Impact of World Opinion from the 1780s to the 21st Century

20050322   4   Revolution   Steele, Robert David   Review: Theory, risk assessment, and internal war–A framework for the observation of revolutionary potential

20041021   4   Revolution   Trippi, Joe   Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised–Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything

20060626   4   Revolution   Waldman, Paul   Review: Being Right Is Not Enough–What Progressives Must Learn from Conservative Success

20060315   3   Revolution   Kerbel, Matthew   Review: Get This Party Started–How Progressives Can Fight Back and Win (Paperback)

20070626   3   Revolution   Morris, Dick   Review: Outrage–How Illegal Immigration, the United Nations, Congressional Ripoffs, Student Loan Overcharges, Tobacco Companies, Trade Protection, and Drug Companies Are Ripping Us Off . . . And

20150311   3   Revolution   Nader, Ralph   Review (Guest): Unstoppable – The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State

20090703   3   Revolution   Payne, Erica   Review: The Practical Progressive–How to Build a Twenty-first Century Political Movement

20121110   3   Revolution   Salit, Jacqueline S.   Review: Independents Rising: Outsider Movements, Third Parties, and the Struggle for a Post-Partisan American

20150228   3   Revolution   Steele, Robert David   Review (Guest): OPEN POWER – Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool-Kit with Long Comment by Robert Steele

20070514   3   Revolution   Zajonc, Donna   Review: The Politics of Hope–Reviving the Dream of Democracy

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