Robert Steele: Fox Betrays the President, Shepard Smith Has No Clue, We Need a Conservative News Network

Peace Intelligence

Fox News is now no better than CNN. Shepard Smith, who is probably a script kiddie and does not think for himself, is pushing the Deep State narrative on both the President’s movement of 50 US special forces troops out of harm’s way, and Turkey’s move to establish a Syrian resettlement area.

NEWS FLASH: We are are not abandoning the Kurds — the very limited number of Kurds in Syria — rather we are stopping our tolerance of Zionist Israel’s arming of the Kurds and incitement of them against every country in which they live — Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria — all of this alleged Kurdish military activity is actually funded, trained, and equipped by Zionist Israel, and most of those fighting are not Kurds, but rather Israeli-funded multinational mercenaries.

The President is correct and needs to accelerate both our complete withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan and our closing of all US military bases (including NSA listening posts) across the Middle East and particular those surrounding Iran.  America First means not Israel First.  The Fox News narrative is a Zionist Israel First narrative, not an America First truthful narrative.

Fox is also failing to report the restoration of diplomatic relations between Syria and Turkey, and the Russian-funded massive development of what will be essentially a demilitarized prosperity zone where all Syrian refugees now in Turkey will receive free housing, energy, and water after repatriation to Syria.

Fox sucks. The President is right. It’s time we create a Conservative News Network stocked with people who can think for themselves. There will always be a place there for Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson.

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