DEBUNKED? OR COVER-UP? UK Letter Stating President Obama Asked UK to Spy on Trump Organization and Trump Campaign

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[Actual Signed Document]

Date: 17 November 2016
GCHQ References: A / 7238 / 6547 /12

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs


  1. On 28 August 2016, GCHQ/CSO filed for permission to execute Project FULSOME at the request of the US President, seeking intelligence gathering into the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., both located at 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA. Activities include foreign and US domestic signals collection, in regards to communications with Russian hostile actors.
  2. IOCCO approved FULSOME on 15 September 2016, allowing 90 days of initial SIGINT gathering, with the potential for renewal, should the situation allow. This memo’s purpose is to request a 90 day renewal of FULSOME’s original charter, with further potential for renewal, thereafter.
  3. Since FULSOME’s start, a clear collection of actionable leads have accrued, both from the Trump campaign itself, from former MI5 agent Michael Steele, and from others (see fig. 1-7 in attachment).
  4. US National Security Adviser Rice has requested that we continue our surveillance, during the transition period, as internal US intelligence is potentially compromised by the incoming Trump administration.
  5. For these reasons, we are requesting that FULSOME’s charter be renewed for another 90 days.


Robert Hannigan

*This communication is deemed Top Secret STRAP3 and must not be discussed, copied, shared, or distributed,*

ROBERT STEELE:  This letter has been very effectively debunked

Online Lies About Spies: How a fake letter revived a claim the UK bugged Donald Trump

BUT after reviewing the obvious errors in the letter, I have concluded that it is a good try by the British to bebunk a truthful story. The mistakes are deliberate.

I know from personal and professional experience that the “Five Eyes” signals intelligence community has used one another to spy on one another's politicians so that they can credibly say they are not doing it themselves.  We now know that CIA and NSA went rogue at certain levels have been spying directly on US politicans, and also blackmailing US politicians.  All mistakes to the contrary, I judge the essence of the letter to be accurate with one big exception: GCHQ would never have asked the Prime Minister for permission, they would just have done it.  Similarly the FBI was running its own wiretaps and possibly also its own audio operations in Trump Tower, on  the basis of false testimony to the FISA court. Justice looms.

Hence, all of this seems to be a candidate for criminal inquiries against Obama, Rice, Clapper, Hayden, and others. It also suggests that Admiral Mike Rogers, in his visit to see then candidate Donald Trump on 17 November 2016 (note that this is the same date as the GCHQ letter), was a true patriot and blew the whistle on the criminal abuse of office by Obama and Rice and others including John Brennan and James Comey as well as those named often such as Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page. We strongly suspect the FISA investigation being completed by John Durham will lead to criminal indictments of all those names above with the possible exception of Barack Obama and of course Mke Rogers who seems to have done the right thing for the right reasons, God bless him.

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