CounterPunch: Is Impeachment Really About War on Iran?

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Impeachment: What Lies Beneath?

So here’s my entirely speculative tea-leaf reading: If there’s a hidden agenda behind the urgency to remove Trump, one that might actually garner the votes of Republican Senators, it is to replace him with a president who will be a more reliable and effective leader for a military attack on Iran that Israel wants to initiate before next November. Spring is the cruelest season for launching wars.   . . .

Israel, even less than the US, cannot take casualties. A couple of bull’s eyes, a lot of Israelis go back to Brooklyn. The 82 million people in Iran have no place else to go.

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ROBERT STEELE: The Zionists are acutely aware that President Donald Trump cannot be relied upon to go to war against Iran on the basis of Zionist lies. The newspapers in Israel have started publishing headlines to this effect. Israel is not capable of defeating Iran — nor is the USA, particularly with Russia doing the missile defense and China taking out US geospatial satellites whose incapacitation will have severe economic as well as military impact. The historic reality — as Henry Kissinger anticipated — is that the invented criminal apartheid genocidal state of Israel must be completely dismantled, and Palestine restored to the Palestinians with all Jews free to live there in peace. Zionist Israel has been and remains a cancer in the Middle East and a cancer within the USA — a parasite. Q Anon has said “Zionists last.” I pray this be so.

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