Review: JFK-911 – 50 Years of Deep State by Laurent Guynot — Important Because It TERMINATES the Presidential Campaign of Michael Bloomberg, Zionist Sayonim, Who Covered Up the Zionist Execution of 9/11

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Laurent Guyenot

6 Stars – Perhaps the best of the 9/11 books, the concluding chapter buries Bloomberg, Greenberg, Chertoff, and other Zionist traitors

9/11 was my wake-up call, and turned me from an intelligence reform activist to an electoral reform activist. Then the Zionists took down #UNRIG, with a Zionist sympathizer leading a global defamation campaign comprised of three principals and over 400 documents cyber-stalkers (itself a federal felony) and that converted me into a passionate defender of America First against Zionist subverversion that includes over 50 “strikes” that by my calculation started only with the USS Liberty, easily justify the expulsion from the USA of all individuals who place Israel First, starting with Michael Bloomberg, Les Wexner, and Michael Chertoff.

Can Donald Trump escape from being a Zionist sayonim and actually put America First? This book is in some ways the starting point for judging The Donald. He can, with his promised 9/11 disclosure (and Epstein disclosure) BURY Michael Bloomberg, who is the only real threat to Trump's re-election, particularly if Bloomberg ,apart from buying the election, picks three-strike  Tulsi Gabbard as his vice president.

The final chapter reads like a Department of Justice indictment. I recommend this book to every patriot, to every citizen, and to every foreigner resident in America — including Chinese residents in the USA — with the observation that the truth has a way of emerging no matter how much censorship is applied.

9/11 Truth is the foundation for the future of America the Beautiful. This book makes a most extraordinary contribution to that end, and I salute the author for giving us this gift of truth.

As a son of New York, and as a supporter of our President Donald Trump, I pray that God will give our President the strength to live up to his promise to put America First, and to fully disclosure the truth about 9/11.

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