Yoda: Two Divisive Trends – Unassimilated Immigrants Who Commit Treason, and Fake News False Flag Anything Goes Lies


Two Divisive Trends That Will Shape the New Decade

The combination of “alternative facts” and not knowing what to believe begs the question: How does a nation that depends and thrives on the free flow of accurate information survive when “news” is suspect and self-selected by one’s party or political beliefs? What happens when “we the people” can’t even agree on the “facts”? What happened to the old adage “You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts”?

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ROBERT STEELE: I was blessed with an excellent education back in the day when there were no snowflakes or safe spaces for idiots unable to deal with reality. Dr. Charles Bednar was my political science mentor, and grounded us in the classics. Plato's Cave has been on my mind lately. All the commentators, however well-intentioned they might be, are either ignorant or dissembling.  The unassimilated immigrants committing treason comes from open borders sponsored by the Shadow Government on behalf of the Deep State — a  term I helped put into alternative media that our President has now forced into the mainstream (but most still avoid seeing that the Deep State is the 1% banking and Satanic families, not the unelected bureaucrats and the subverted politicians — they are the Shadow Government serving the Deep State). The fake news and constant lies started in 1776 — we did not win the War of Independence, the Western Freemasons won that war, and the USA has continued to be a covertly controlled colony of the British Empire. Hopefully our President — who may have been poisoned by MI-6, he was certainly surveilled by GCHQ and MI-6 in cahoots with the CIA and FBI, both committing treason — will fully liberated the USA going forward. Our problems are “by design.” Below are five books that capture the essence of our problem. Elements of the US Government are OUT OF CONTROL at the same time that there is no justice to be found for normal people — the rich escape justice completely, the poor are prey for the police and predatory prosecutors and judges who get paid a dividend for screwing the poor (especially the black poor), and the middle class is shrinking and sinking, confused by how the American dream has become the American nightmare. Nothing captures the insanity better than rich bitch witch Nancy Pelosi (who is worth over $100 million after 30 years on a government salary and comes from a Baltimore crime family) saying that Trump's re-election means the end of civilization. What she really means is that Trump's re-election might just open the way to restoring the Constitution, putting all these elites into jail, and bringing justice back into play for all — fairness for all, dignity and equality for all, justice for all. The Great Depression was CONTRIVED by the banks with the complicity of bribed US Presidents and Members of Congress.  All of our wars are CONTRIVED by the banks with the complicity of bribed (and often blackmailed) Presidents and Members of Congress. President Donald Trump is an ANOMALY. I pray he finishes the job but if he does not, I am quite certain that 2024 is going to see the emergence of a #UNRIG coalition that will put down both treasonous parties, and offer 100% of our eligible voters a chance to unrig the system. EDUCATION is central. We have been dumbed down and drugged up BY DESIGN. The President is failing right now on two important fronts: he is not defending the Constitution (especially 1st, 2nd, 4th) and he is not educating the public properly about everything. He is doing the best he can but his “team” does not know (or care) about what it does not know or care about.  There is a gap and that is why scum like Pelosi and Schiff and Nadler have running room. At the end of the day healing America is about reconnecting 100% of the public to truthful information that cannot be censored.

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